On the occasion of the holiday season, Fubiz proposes to review some of the most significant products in 2014. From new technologies to design objects through lavish illustrations, there will be something for everyone. Hoping to provide you with this Best of unusual and coveted gift ideas.

Manufract’s Jewellery by Marcel Dunger

Bicycle Art by Thomas Yang

Lumio Folding Book Lamp by Max Gunawan

Helvetica Watch by Mondaine

Wireshade Lamp by Marc Trotereau

Designed Umbrella by Nendo

Designed Toys by WOO

Lamp Well by MEJD Studio

The Moon Lamp by Nosigner

Modular Puzzle Table by Bernard Vuarnesson

LED Coat by Nemen

Mondrian Sticky Notes by Catherine Denoyelle & Assia Quétin

Poetic Jewels Containing Real Flowers by RubyRobin

Fashion Basketball Kit by Spencer Nikosey

Minimalist LED Watch by Nevo

Cat Marshmallows in Hot Chocolate by The Yawahada Marshmallow Shop

Funny Creative Terrariums by Matteo Cibic

VIDDY Cardboard Camera by Kelly Angood

3D Pen Printing In The Air by Lixpen