For December, Fubiz reveals you its favorite pieces on Artsper through a selection of 12 eclectic artworks melting sculptures, paintings and photographs. A selection to discover in images and on Artsper website, where more than 5000 pieces proposed by expert galleries are available online and for all budgets.

Untitled, 2013 by Ren Hang.

Raft (Stop Thinking Series), 2013 by Aviva Brooks.

Paracetamol, 2014 by Goddog.

Paix (Medium Size), 2012 by Sarah Schmidt-Whitley.

Mr Patator, 2013 by Anti.

Megalomaniac, 2008 by Petros Chrisostomou.

Le Rolleiflex – Série Les Caprices de Madame Bovary, 2013 by Takala.

Le Grand Livre de Dalian, 2012 by Alain Hatat.

Illusion, Untitled #2, 2013 by Tingting Wang.

Untitled, 2014 by Goddog.

Fairyland, 2014 by Yury Toroptsov.

Actes Nocturnes #6, 2013 by Amandine Crozat.

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