The best-of for November is entirely devoted to conceptual clothing creations : 3D print shoes, marble t-shirts and origami paper dresses or in vegetables. Fubiz has compiled for you the most stunning fashion-concept outfits. A selection full of inspiration to discover in the gallery.

Dresses Inspired by Gothic Architecture by Matija Cop.

Where I See Fashion Series by Bianca Luini.

3D Printed Hats by Gabriela Ligenza.

3D Printed Strvct Shoes by Continuum Fashion.

25 Dresses for 25 Cities by Jule Waibel.

Architecture Inspired Knitwear by Chinti and Parker.

Atmospheric Reentry by Maiko Takeda.

Bird Wings Scarves by Roza Khamitova.

Cinematography by Maiko Takeda.

Creative Fashion Sketches With Flowers by Grace Ciao.

Distortion Bag by Bao Bao Issey Miyake.

Fashion Clothes in Balloons by Daisy Balloon.

Magritte Collection by Opening Ceremony.

Marble Clothes by Alasdair Thomson.

Opening Ceremony SS14 by Bob Jeusette.

Origami Paper Dresses by Jule Waibel.

Scandinavian Body Painting by Janine Rewell.

Wearable Foods by Yeonju Sung.

Painted Backdrops by JUCO.

Wooden Clothes by Elisa Strozyk.

NASA Photographs Scarves by Celine Semaan Vernon.

Clothes With Leaves by Ron Isaacs.

Classical Paintings in Clothes by Chad Wys.

The Head Wood by Andrea Deppieri.

Women On The Verge Fashion Series by JUCO.

Pepe Jeans Campaign by Joseph Ford.

Cities By Night Scarf Collection by Celine Semaan Vernon.

Composed Elements Scarves by Inge de Vor.