Here are the beautiful illustrations by Minni Havas, for professional or personal projects. The artist works different graphics and portraits using a wide palette of bright and original colors. Illustrations both creative and aesthetic.


“Sademetsän suojassa”.

“Space candies”.


“Floral camouflage”.

“Floral camouflage”.



“Wad magazine cover rework for 10th anniversary exhibition”.

“Piece from series to new nordic fashion illustration exhibition”.

“Illustration for trendi magazine”.

“Illustration for trendi magazine”.

“Editorial for revolution magazine with photographer tomas monka”.

“Artwork for minni f. ronya bankruptcy exhibition at helsinki design museum”.

“Editorial illustrations for monk magazine”.


“Illustration for love contemporary magazine”.


“Illustration for trendi magazine”.

“Cover illustration for manna”.

“Cover illustration for lönnberg”.