Archives - September 2012


The Future of Table Tennis

Waldner is the name of this project futuristic table tennis incorporating computer system. Indeed, the table responds to touch players and the ball. Using a processor and voice recognition by Apple, this table sees, feels and hears the party, able to discuss a point to remind the player and their blows. More from this project designed by Robert Lindström in the article.

Rock in the Road

Originally dating from 2007, this animated film “Rock in the Road” is the result of five years of work by students from Southern Adventist University animation. And the result is impressive to say the least with this highly successful short film telling the story of a game boy a challenge designed to measure his strength of character. More in the future.

Black Snow

Johannes Ostergard and Richard Prendergast have realized for the brand Burn! this snowboard video called “Black Snow”. Filmed by night, this video invites us to discover the exploits of Gulli Gudmundsson caught using black light, lasers and LED inside the dome SnowWorld Landgraaf in the Netherlands.

What Girls Want

Dakine went interviewed young active women and recognized in different areas to see what the passionate and what they wanted. Among the different focus very successful, the French artist Koralie which is present in the interview Fubiz TV 5 reveals her passion for creating a video to discover in the article.

Very Little Stars

Using the music of Devotchka “The Alley”, Ben Wiggins, specialized in time-lapse photography, invites us to discover his new video “Very Little Stars”. Showing an incredible beauty, it perfectly combines images of nature and urban environments. To be assessed in the following.