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Hidden Portals of Color in Walls

Since 2009, German street-artist 1010 creates amazing frescos on the walls of his country, Panama and a bit everywhere in the United States. He paints with a spray some kinds of portals that give the illusion of an abyssal depth thanks to the different successive layers of colors’ graduations. A hypnotic work to discover in images.

Spray Can Project

An excellent project by graphic designer Antonia Brasko with his company Norwood, which brings together the various brands in the world of luxury and street wear in a variety of aerosol spray. A concept entitled “Spray Can Project” to find images on his portfolio and in the rest of the article.

Revolver by Rub Kandy

A Project by the Italian artist Rub Kandy, Revolver is absolutely no reference to weapons. Instead, it refers to the circular movement of the cement mixer truck that the artist has spray-painted by maintaining solidly spray near the surface during its rotation movements. A great job to discover images.