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The Pod Hotel

The Pod, designed by Formwerkz Architectz, is the brand new capsule hotel in Singapore. The cabins stacked on each other, characteristic of the first capsule hotels, are more spacious and offer a little more privacy than in classic capsule hotel. A very nice hotel, beautifully made, to be discovered in images.


Parkroyal Singapore Architecture

Les équipes de Woha Architects imagined in Singapore the architecture of last Parkroyal hotel located in the heart of the city. With one of the most successful design, this incredible place offers nearly 15,000 m2 of lush gardens using the recovery of rainwater. A beautiful and outsized structure to discover in the future.

Roof Garden House

Voici cette résidence sur 4 étages intitulée “Meera House” et dotée d’un impressionnant jardin sur son toit. Un bel exemple d’architecture durable pour cette maison située à proximité de Singapour. Une conception de l’équipe de Guz Architects. Plus d’images dans la suite de l’article.