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Cygnus Immersive Lights Projections

For the MARKA 2014 International Brand Conference in Istanbul, creative Turkish studio Ouchhh and producer Bi’Şeyler New Media Works have designed “Cygnus” : a light installation that immerges 2000 viewers in a constellation and black hole experience. A tribute to the Swan Constellation discovered in 1971 where we can see the star CYGNUS X-1binary spreading X-rays.

Mirrored Mapping Installation

Inspired by quantum physics and the search of the geometry’s origins, Berlin-based designer Gaspar Battha has thought the installation “Patterns of Harmony” : a mapping projection playing on mirror’s reflections and geometric shapes in shades of blue. It gives complex forms in movement symbolizing the language of the universe, to discover in video.

Keecker Worlds First Homepod

Here is the first HomePod of the world : a house robot, or rather an independent mobile computer featuring a video projection system and a high-definition audio and video 360 system. This enable inhabitants to turn any room into an entertainment place depending on the activity they do. A project made by Keecker to discover in images and video.

Shadow And Light Patterns

Pakistani artist Anila Quayyum Agha has showed her project “Intersections” at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, in Michigan. Light and shadows’ projections reflect on the walls, the floor and the ceiling. The light comes from a cube that has been laser-cut in order to project mosaics.

Onion Skin Light Installation

Co-founder of the visual label ANTIVJ, artist Olivier Ratsi has created the audiovisual and light installation “Onion Skin”. The concept is to recreate the different layers of the onion skin with perpective effects and a music composed by Thomas Vaquié. Produced by Nico Boritch, the installation is to discover in images and video.


Panoramic Interactive Projection

Artistic collective Tundra based in Russia imagined ‘Void’, an audiovisual installation trying to visualize the idea of emptiness An experience with move and sound, captured by sensitive equipment, with a 360 degrees audiovisual flow around to discover in video in the article.