Tag - projection


Onion Skin Light Installation

Co-founder of the visual label ANTIVJ, artist Olivier Ratsi has created the audiovisual and light installation “Onion Skin”. The concept is to recreate the different layers of the onion skin with perpective effects and a music composed by Thomas Vaquié. Produced by Nico Boritch, the installation is to discover in images and video.


Panoramic Interactive Projection

Artistic collective Tundra based in Russia imagined ‘Void’, an audiovisual installation trying to visualize the idea of emptiness An experience with move and sound, captured by sensitive equipment, with a 360 degrees audiovisual flow around to discover in video in the article.

Box Projection Mapping

The studio Bot & Dolly unveiled “Box”, a live performance featuring a 3D mapping of moving objects in a quality yet never reached. Requiring nearly two years of work, this beautiful and imposing creation without editing plays with reality and opens the door to new possibilities. To discover in the future.

The Ice Book

Un superbe travail avec ce pop-up book mêlé à des projections vidéos. Une performance et animation réalisée par Davy McGuire et Kristin McGuire, avec un jeu d’éclairage et d’illusions d’optiques. Une histoire de princesse entre la technologie et art, à découvrir dans la suite.