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Dogs of World Cup Brazil 2014

Life on White website, identifying and dealing with images of animals, had the idea to promote by anticipating World Soccer Cup 2014, offering photo-montages of dogs of different breeds dressed with jerseys corresponding to a country participating in the competition, like the Shiba Inu in Japan or German Shepherd for the Mannschaft. A series to discover in the article.

The Art of Fighting

Gavain Browne made this incredible documentary “The Art of Fighting” narrating the life of Hussain Sadiqi, an Afghan who fled the oppression of the Taliban at the end of the 20th century. After a trip around the world bringing him in Australia, his new land for over 10 years, he decided to put everything on the line to fulfill a dream he maintained throughout his life since the day he saw for the first time Bruce Lee on TV.

The Holy Book of Password

During the summer of 2012, the social network LinkedIn was hacked, lost its whole user database of 4.7 million passwords from users, available for download in alphabetical order. The artist Aram Bartholl has used this information to make The Holy Book of Passwords, an intriguing creation, aligning all passwords through a series of seven volumes to be discovered in the article.