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Nike Soccer – American Woman

On this time of Women World Football World Cup, taking place in Canada,Nike Soccer publish an advertising spot setting women players during their training or matches, that the guideline is “Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together”. Every player is indispensable to the team success.

Nike – Hypervenom II

ManvsMachine studio, previously viewed, created the presentation of the new Nike football shoes, the Hypervenom II. This new model comes with an elastic that fit and hold the ankle. The model is made in order to have more naturel movements when the player touches the ball.

Nike – Force of Nature

FIELD studio is behind this creation. It’s an interactive one and it models portraits of runners wearing Nike Free shoes, into a “Force of Nature”. Animation is possible through Kinect technology and a treadmill. Runner travels in immersion and the animation moves and amplify his feeling as he goes long.

Golden Moments Booklet

The multidisciplinary design studio Golden based in the United Kingdom has made this beautiful and colorful publication to showcase some of its latest creations commissioned by Nike, Playstation or Google. More images later in the article.