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New Glowing Library in New York

Architect Steven Holl imagined a new public space in the city of New York. The library, currently under construction and located along the Hudson River, is giving to the city a public space in a district almost privatized. Through its structure, the building will offer an unobstructed view of Manhattan and by night an orignal glowing presence.

Dreamlike Photography

Joshua Hallen Harris is an American photographer and artist who has been famous few years ago by creating animals with trash bags in order to alert the general public to the global warming impact on the wildlife. Some of his latest photographies are dreamlike imprinted through the light, the atmosphere and the framing. The instant is immortalized at the best moment. Framing and lighting effects are the base of these pictures.

30 Years of Celebrities Portraits Living in New York

American photographer Lynn Goldsmith wandered in the streets of New York from 1973 to 2013 to portray several icons such as the band The Police, the rapper LL Cool J, actors Kevin Bacon and Mark Wahlberg. The exhibition “Streets of NYC” has opened on April 17th and will go on until May 6th, at the Morrison Hotel Gallery (Soho) : it redraws the encounters and portraits of Goldsmith.

The Differences Between Paris and New York

Alex Frukta is a motion and typographic designer and co-founder of Nord Collective. In a small cartoom, he highlights in an humorous way, clichés and differences between Paris and New York, two cities which are often compared on several aspects. After the successful book “Paris versus New York”, Nord Collective wanted to create an animated version of the book.

The Abandoned New York

Will Ellis has spent the last three years photographing the lost and lonely corners of the most populated cities in the United States. Here is a selection of images from his photo book Abandoned NYC with nearly 150 color photographs of the most beautiful spaces left New York with detailed essays on the fascinating story of these forgotten sites.