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Vivian Maier Photography

In 2011, two years after her death, the photographer Vivian Maier became famous with her black and white photos taken in the 50-60′s in the streets of New York and Chicago. We can see photos of a rare beauty and a city routine with crying and wandering children or a sleeping street newspaper seller in his kiosque.

Skip Ad Project

Skip the Ad project puts the relevance of the advertisement, the Grupamento Armado Anti Tédio decided to react and paste stickers “skip ad” on billboards, in different cities, New York, Sao Paulo and Stockholm. The project invites the public to share this action by printing the label is available on their website.

Rockaway Beach by Celine Hamelin

Photographer Céline Hamelin gives us his vision of New York, especially Rockaway Parkway, corner of paradise combining beautiful scenery. Through these pictures, time is suspended between two summers as: traces of the former in neatly groomed gardens and renovations walks. A photo series that will take you through familiar landscapes to discover later in the article.

Infinite Neons in NYC Water Tower Sculptures

The artist Ivan Navarro makes us discover his work entitled “This Land Is Your Land” with three water tanks wood on stilts and raised to a height just above the heads of visitors. Inside, Navarro worked with his trademark: neon. Visitors are invited to look inside the towers, to read words or discover representations. Experience to the original and aesthetic to discover in this beautiful New York time.

Cities From The Sky

Here are impressive prospects of places taken in high-angle shots from the sky of different countries all around the world. New York, Egypt’s pyramids and the Triumphal Arc in Paris are quite recognizable but there are also views which are more surprising, full of colors like this field or in a lost island in the Indian Ocean.

Hypnotizing Slow-Motion in NYC

Hungarian photographer Adam Magyar lives in Berlin and is fascinated by the everyday life he uses to pull little poetic moments out of the routine. This video, from his “Stainless” project, shows passer-by’s faces who laugh or are dour, with a lethargic travelling which carries us away at the end of the subway’s platform. The New York we love is passing before our eyes : in black and white. A beautiful fresco to discover in slow-motion.

Buildings Made Of Sky

American photographer Peter Wegner made Buildings Made Of Sky series to show a new dimension of New York : a town within a town. Turning your head over is enough to discover a new suspended architecture : a sky architecture with skyscrapers made of clouds and sunsets’ colors.

Endorphin by Supakitch

“Endorphin” is a project featuring the artist and tattooist Supakitch. Offering complete 10 tattoo sessions in 10 cities of the world on the same model, this first video invites us to discover the first tattoo High Line Standard Hotel in New York. A realization signed Damien “Elroy” Vignaux to discover in video after the jump.