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Split Screen of Paris vs New York

While every major city in the world hold their own cultural particularities, many of them have huge common architectural point. This is the premise which has used the director Franck Matellini to make this split-screen video between Paris and New York to demonstrate his hypothesis. This film disclosing beauty, vitality and character of both cities is to discover below.

Movie Recipes Posters

For the International Latino Film Festival in New York, HBO made some small humorous illustrations explaining step by step the progress of some kind of movies. These posters contains the necessary ingredients for a spaghetti western, or a romance. To discover in the following.

Plexiglas House in New York

New-York-based artist Tom Fruin (the author of the Water Tower in New York) has decided to spread his colorful plexiglas installations in many parts of Europe with his project “Kolonihavehus” : a little house reflecting the light as church’s windows. We can admire his installations establishing since 2010 in many cities of Denmark, in Czech Republic, in Austria and today in New York.

NikeFuel Box in New York

Nike had the excellent idea to offer without warning in New York recently a distributor not to get drinks, but for various sections of the brand to the point like socks or a shirt. For these objects, just not exchange money, but the Fuel invented by the brand for its connected as Nike+ FuelBand by plugging in USB.