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FlyKly Electric Bike

FlyKly is a bicycle wheel that allows electric pedaling assistance, at any time. Thought with a mobile application, this Kickstarter project thought by NY-based teams can choose the speed, but also to follow the GPS tracks. To discover in the following video

Rainbow Pencils

The designer Duncan Shotton has launched a new project on Kickstarter : pencils papers whose core is rainbow sky. Another particularity, they are made not of wood but of recycled paper and will be developed in black and white according to the creator. A playful and aesthetic experience in pictures project.


London Skyline Chess

Skyline Chess creates original chess whose pieces are emblematic buildings of the city of London. Therefore, Big Ben, the London Eye or the Gherkin can be find in it representing respectively the Rook, the Knight and the Bishop. A surprising Kickstarter project hosted to be discovered.


Amazing Lego Sculpture

New York-based graphic designer Mike Doyle created an impressive 200,000 LEGO pieces sculpture called Contact 1. Presented for a Kickstarter project, he wants to create a series of sculptures celebrating spirituality, peaceful fantastical worlds under the name “Contact Series”. To discover in the article.

First 3D Printing Pen

Thanks to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the company Wobble Works will allow us to obtain the first 3D printing pen, to draw objects in three dimensions. The product called 3Doodler should be marketed in November 2013 at a price of $ 60 before pulling out a real 3D printer. A concept to discover in images and video after the jump