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Hidden Beamer in a Lamp

Beam is a smart LED lamp designed by the Beam Lab Sinc. Its originality is to hide a mobile beamer of 8 Go that can adapt to any type of lamps and be controlled by bluetooth from your smartphone. You can support this project on Kickstarter : Beam will be on sell on october 2015 for the price of 399 $ in preorder.

Backlit Photo Frame

Swedish company Frameworks has designed the Frameworks One : a backlight photo frame commanded from your smartphone to change easily the diaporama or lighting. You can buy or sell prints of your synchronized photos in the Framework One thanks to an application set up for the project. More infos on their page Kickstarter.

360 Shelf Storage

Slovenian designer Luka Pirnat has imagined “The 360 Shelf” : shelves storage in wood, modular and fixed to a wall that will incline your books, disks and other objects. Available in different vivid colors, there are only a few days left to support this project on Kickstarter. To discover.

Ruche Shelf Storage

28 years old designer Ruthy Shafrir is the creator of the shelf Ruche : a unit storage that we can build without any tools. He got inspired by the beehive and the shape of alveolus, and has thought about making different sizes for his two models : the one in aluminum and the other in cardboard, both recycled and recyclable. To discover.

Wall Hanging Chess Board

Chess is an unusual chessboard project : vertically hanging, it adorns the wall like a picture and can be contemplated as functional art piece. By its innovative design, it symbolizes creativity and help to consider this game differently, as more participative and less elitist. A project thought by Sean Connell and proposed on Kickstarter, to discover in the gallery.

Trace Lamp

American designer John Irons has imagined the Trace lamp : a minimalist light that the user can build himself very easily. The idea was to create a lamp with the less material as possible, that we can build and re-build rapidly but that also keeps its function. You can support this project on Kickstarter.