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Mirage Pavilion with Mirrors

Besides furniture, the Studio Nomad also creates installations. For the music Hungarian festival Sziget, which happens each year, they have imagined this installation named “Mirage Pavilion”, inspired by camouflage patterns of World War II’s battleships. This ephemeral artwork features 1200 mirrors in losange, suspended in the middle of trees.

A Room Turned into a Reflective Lake

Artist Douglas Gordon has transformed the ground of the Park Avenue Armory into a giant reflective lake. The installation “Tears Become… Streams Become…” hosted French pianist Hélène Grimaud for ten performances in this aesthetic place by its symmetry. At the beginning of her performance, the ground was dry, then when she started to play, the water begun to spread and pour through the room. To discover until 4th January.

We Love Art Installations

As part of their 10th anniversary, the agency We Love Art organizes an event in a unique place on 13th December, 2014. This evening described as a loft party willl hold an experimental scenography with the works of three artists and collectives. Carnovsky will propose a wallpaper RGB, while Collective Corner will arrange a cyclical installation with balloons on the floor and Pixel Square, will invest the place with an interactive chandelier hanging LED bars.

Giant Horse Head Sculpture

Artist Andy Scott has designed the installation “The Kelpies” : a sculpture of 30 meters high representing two huge horses’ heads that light up and change of colors. He spent nine years to build the whole in the city of Falkirk in Scotland. These two horses are a personnification of the Scottish people and their History : proud and majestic.

Nails Sculpture by John Bisbee

John Bisbee has spent nearly 30 years using nails as his only medium to create geometric sculptures, organic installations, and unwieldy objects. From thousands of nails that are hammered, bent, welded, or fastened together in a seemingly limitless procession of forms, to discover below.

Porcelain Bouquets by Ai WeiWei

This year, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei stages his “Blossom” installation in which he filled rooms of the Alcatraz Hospital by ceramic and porcelain flowers. The bouquets take place in empty spaces : robinets, bathtubs and toilets that prisoners have used. A way to bring delicatessen in abandoned places.

Interactive Carpets in Italian Castle

Magic Carpet is an interactive installation thought by artist Miguel Chevalier. This magic light carpet located in the exterior courtyard of the Castle del Monte in Italy is covering the floor of psychedelic and kaleidoscopic patterns in movement. This fabulous project plunge visitors in a new dimension and makes them live an extraordinary experience. To discover in video.