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Nails Sculpture by John Bisbee

John Bisbee has spent nearly 30 years using nails as his only medium to create geometric sculptures, organic installations, and unwieldy objects. From thousands of nails that are hammered, bent, welded, or fastened together in a seemingly limitless procession of forms, to discover below.

Porcelain Bouquets by Ai WeiWei

This year, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei stages his “Blossom” installation in which he filled rooms of the Alcatraz Hospital by ceramic and porcelain flowers. The bouquets take place in empty spaces : robinets, bathtubs and toilets that prisoners have used. A way to bring delicatessen in abandoned places.

Interactive Carpets in Italian Castle

Magic Carpet is an interactive installation thought by artist Miguel Chevalier. This magic light carpet located in the exterior courtyard of the Castle del Monte in Italy is covering the floor of psychedelic and kaleidoscopic patterns in movement. This fabulous project plunge visitors in a new dimension and makes them live an extraordinary experience. To discover in video.

Color Field Floor Installation

American artist Liza Lou, known for her big installations made of little accessories, has recently created a floor artwork : “Color Field”. During 3 years, 2,5 millions of colorful peaks have been gathered in blocks of colors to realize a giant carpet thanks to a team that followed her for the whole process. To discover.

Mirrored Mapping Installation

Inspired by quantum physics and the search of the geometry’s origins, Berlin-based designer Gaspar Battha has thought the installation “Patterns of Harmony” : a mapping projection playing on mirror’s reflections and geometric shapes in shades of blue. It gives complex forms in movement symbolizing the language of the universe, to discover in video.

Shadow And Light Patterns

Pakistani artist Anila Quayyum Agha has showed her project “Intersections” at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, in Michigan. Light and shadows’ projections reflect on the walls, the floor and the ceiling. The light comes from a cube that has been laser-cut in order to project mosaics.

Bubble Installation

The artist Luka Fineisen designed a very nice installation made of plastic bubbles put on the floor. The beauty of this project is in the paradox created by the apparent fragility of bubbles, and the crystallization of these ephemeral objects in the space-time. To discover in the following.

The Keyboard of Isolation

The Keyboard of Isolation is an installation conceived by Jody Xiong in order to denounce human fictitious relationships and loneliness caused by the pervasiveness of computers in everyday life. The artist has consequently arranged a hundred figurines locked in jars, the whole giving form to a giant computer keyboard. More details in images et vidéo.