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Air Max Day in Metro Station

To celebrate the Air Max Day 2015 on March 26, Nike decided to settle in the Parisian Metro. the ghost station, located between Republic and Strasbourg-Saint-Denis on line 9 to Pont de Sèvres, hosts a stunning light installation consists of red and blue giant bubbles, and a sparkling logo.

Drum Stick Sculpture

Lazerian is a contemporary design studio based in Manchester. Here is one of their latest creations. In collaboration with United Creatives, the concept is an installation composed by hundreds of drum sticks. Each stick was etched with a name and inserted into a mold.

Dazzling Ceiling Installation with Threads

Texas-based artist Gabriel Dawe continues to impress us with his installations of colorful threads Plexus. Here, it’s the “n° 27″ : still on the concept of taut threads in graduated colors, this time, the installation was set on the ceiling of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville (Arkansas) for an exhibition called “State of The Art”.

Wonderwall Luminous Installation in Lisbon

For the space exhibition “wonderWALL”, architects of LIKEarchitects have designed the installation “The Pool”, thought by Jen Lewin, in the middle of the commercial center of Lisbon. They have built a room closed by 20 000 stripes of black and white fabric. Inside, we can see a luminous ground that switches of colors by the contact of the feet’s passers-by.

Colorful Aluminium Art Installation

Commissioned by The Edmonton Arts Council, Marc Fornes has designed “Vaulted Willow”, an exterior installation located at Borden Park d’Edmonton, Canada. Staying faithful to his peerless style, Marc Fornes makes a mark on everyone’s minds with this sculpture composed by 721 colorful aluminium pieces. Find out more in the gallery.