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Shadow And Light Patterns

Pakistani artist Anila Quayyum Agha has showed her project “Intersections” at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, in Michigan. Light and shadows’ projections reflect on the walls, the floor and the ceiling. The light comes from a cube that has been laser-cut in order to project mosaics.

Bubble Installation

The artist Luka Fineisen designed a very nice installation made of plastic bubbles put on the floor. The beauty of this project is in the paradox created by the apparent fragility of bubbles, and the crystallization of these ephemeral objects in the space-time. To discover in the following.

The Keyboard of Isolation

The Keyboard of Isolation is an installation conceived by Jody Xiong in order to denounce human fictitious relationships and loneliness caused by the pervasiveness of computers in everyday life. The artist has consequently arranged a hundred figurines locked in jars, the whole giving form to a giant computer keyboard. More details in images et vidéo.

Silent Nuclear Bombs

Anna Burns and Michael Bodiam collaborated on the atomic bomb disaster theme and the relation men have to its use, a relation between extreme fear and fascination. Both artists have chosen to represent silent mushroom clouds by poetic installations made with flowers, balloons and embroidery. A project called “Silent but Violent” to discover in the gallery.

Gold Jumpman Installation

Arranged at Chicago Nike Town, this installation is actually a heap of gold-plated sneakers-shaped slabs, hanging from the ceiling and placed in order to represent Michael Jordan from his Air Jordan logo. A fabulous sculpture created by American artist Michael Murphy . More details in images and video.

Light Barrier Installation

Mimi Son & Elliot Woods, aka Kimchi & Chips, imagined Light Barrier, an installation presented last June at Night New Media Festival in Nikola-Lenivets Russia. Consist of a multitude of calibrated beams to allow the appearance of geometric shapes, this allows creation dives us into a surreal atmosphere. A project co-commissioned by the British Council and FutureEverything to discover in video after the jump.

Neon Sign Installations

Based in Berlin, Olivia Steele is an artist who uses light and neons to add meaning and irony to a place. She creates spiritual baselines we can interpret as we want, by working a lot on typography and the style of her letters. Her work is to discover in bars, in cities and on photographs.