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Miniature Cage-like Balconies Attached to a Building

For the Lodz 4 Cultures Festival, artist Isaac Cordal cages in little balconies miniature characters on a building’s facade in Lodz, Poland. Entitled “Sasiedzi” (“neighbors”), this artwork shows isolated protagonists demonstrating the idea of being together but alone and without any communication because of new technologies. Some figurines hold a mobile phone, head down to the screen, or call someone in order to show that they communicate elsewhere, through smartphones instead of the current moment.

Colorful Cave Pavilion Installation

The team of SelgasCano imagined a multicolored pavilion for this annual edition of the “Serpentine Gallery Pavilion”, which happened in London. Made of sheets and strings that make us think about webs, this installation was created in order to create a “secret corridor” inspired by the chaotic structure of London’s underground. This architectural artwork will be exhibited until 18th October.

Crisis Street Art with Coins with by SpY

Spanish street artist SpY, whose we already have talked about on Fubiz many times, imagined a mural fresco in the heart of Bilboa in Spain. The word “Crisis” was posted with only coins of 2 cents that have disappeared in less than 24 hours because of the passer-by who took the coins. The total coast of the pieces was 1000€.

Mirrors Installations in Iran

Shirin Abedinirad is an Iranian artist exploring the art of mirrors and reflections. Through the two series “Evocation” and “Heaven on Earth”, she installs pieces and staircases of mirrors in the middle of the Iran Desert or in an Italian city. It gives a beautiful juxtaposition of two elements : the earth and the sky. She considers mirrors as a symbol of water.

Ropes Turning into Trees Installations

“Ciclotrama” is the work of the collaboration between two Brazilian artists Janiana Mello and Daniel Landini, gathered under the duo name Mello + Landini. Together, they make organic installations with suspended ropes on walls, shaping trees. According to the artists, this series is here to illustrate the passage of time with the trunk outlined by the rope base and the different fractures and ramifications that represent several possible trajectories.

Light and Sound Cube Installation

For the opening ceremony of the Croisement Festival in Guangzhou, Visual System (who we already know ) has imagined “VS Carre X” : an interactive cube of 3 meters, built by Grand, and projecting light reacting according to the sound. This installation was animated by an original score by Thomas Vaquié which maximises the public’s immersion in this big exterior dispositive.