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Creative Design Set Installations

The artist Elise gives a work between advertising, photography, sets design and sculpture inspired by the cubism. Her complex installations, conceptual, geometric and colorful at the same time, are at the intersection of the 3D and the 2D and shows an illusion of a very constructed image in all its parts.

Superdesk Installation

The creative agency The Barbarian Group, based in New York, asked Clive Wilkinson Architects to design an office to obtain a greater solidarity among 125 business colleagues specializing in digital. Reinventing the function of office furniture, Superdesk is a great initiative, offering one giant office circulating in the open space and creating cohesion between employees.

Drift Projects

Studio Drift, founded in 2006 by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, has created many light installations projects for different events. From Miama Basel to Grand-Hornu Images Museum, their creations play with movement, structures and the confrontation between nature and technology.

Graced With Light Installation in San Francisco

American designer Anne Patterson did an elegant installation to celebrate Grace Cathedral’s 100 years of music, in San Francisco. This visual creation wants to make the music played in this place more majestuous and profound with a connexion between sound and light. Ribbons used as trompe-l’oeil are here to symbolize rays of light as a way to connect the spirituel world to Earth, God to the terrestrial prayers who rise in the air.

Topshop Bloom

Topshop has once again appealed to Studio Neon to imagine showcase presented for the holiday season in Oxford shop Circus in London. Offering installation of more than 150 petals moving the creation of the most beautiful effect called Bloom is to discover in video after the jump.