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The Play of Brilliants Exhibition

Besides the installation Light in Water, the exhibition “The Play of Brilliants” presents many more monumental artworks. On the theme of light, artists and designers such as WHITEvoid, Haberdashery, Soo Sunny Park and Flynn Talbot have imagined impressive sculptures. A sensorial and interactive experience composed of 11 installations and available until 31st of May, at the Eléphant Paname (Paris).

Audiovisual Installation by Joanie Lemercier

Here is an audiovisual installation by artist Joanie Lemercier. Baptized “Blueprint“, the work is formed from a central monolithic tower that is flanked by two large screens and activated by light projection and sound. Together, these tell a story of the cosmos and architecture, climaxing in an anamorphosis. Discover the video later in the article.

Interactive Egg Installation at Harrods

Jewels brand Fabergé asked creative agencies Justso and Projection Artworks to develop a big interactive egg, for an Easter campaign at Harrods. Designer Stuart Henry has thought about designing a “virtual egg” on which will be projected a mapping showing explosive sequences of the four seasons : sapphire for autumn, emerald for spring, ruby for summer and diamond for winter.

Paper Cylinders Sculpture

Named Transition, here is the surprising structure built, for a graduating thesis project, by the Japanese student Shoko Konishi. The Installation formed with paper tube seems trivial from the outside but gives an exceptional view of the sky when venturing inside.

Light Sculptures by Jayson Haebich

Jayson Haebich is a new media artist and computer programmer that uses these skills to create innovative works and exceptional light installations. Here is a selection of images from two of his last pieces, “Smoke and Mirrors” and “Space Vector.” They will be exhibited from April 28 to 30 at the Alles Für Mögliche Institute in Berlin.

Air Max Day in Metro Station

To celebrate the Air Max Day 2015 on March 26, Nike decided to settle in the Parisian Metro. the ghost station, located between Republic and Strasbourg-Saint-Denis on line 9 to Pont de Sèvres, hosts a stunning light installation consists of red and blue giant bubbles, and a sparkling logo.