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Playing with Trajectories

Swiss artist Greg Barth likes playing with colors and space for his installations. In his last creation named Trajectories 2, he choses to play with trajectories drawn by the ball hit by the racket. To manage to do this, he installed 15 rackets and colored balls in a dark room. Rackets and balls are illuminated one after anoter to give the impression of a real play.

Immersive Installations by Pamela Rosenkranz

Our Product is an installation presented by artist Pamela Rosenkranz, in the Swiss pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015. The exhibition wants to question our perception through colors, smells, lights and sounds. The monochrome rooms remind us of an aquatic universe that she works with biological and pharmaceutical materials such as biotin, neotenes, silicone, viagra, and also bacterias.

Red Web with Threads and Keys Installation

For the Venice Art Biennale 2015, artist Chiharu Shiota introduced an installation named “The Key in the Hand” : a gigantic spider web made of red wool threads where we can see 50 000 keys suspended above two ancient boats. The keys have been collected by unknown people from all around the world to end up hung up on this monumental sculpture, like talismans ; they’re here to remind the memories of the places they have unlocked.

Floating Installation Made of 800 Panels

Each year, in the framework of the Architecture & Urban Design program, students at the Pratt Institute design installations that explore the possibilities of digital fabrications. This year, the work of students was exhibited thanks to Michael Szivos and Ryan Whitby from the New York-based design studio SOFTlab. It’s a suspension of 800 laser-cut panels undulating in a colors gradation.

The Play of Brilliants Exhibition

Besides the installation Light in Water, the exhibition “The Play of Brilliants” presents many more monumental artworks. On the theme of light, artists and designers such as WHITEvoid, Haberdashery, Soo Sunny Park and Flynn Talbot have imagined impressive sculptures. A sensorial and interactive experience composed of 11 installations and available until 31st of May, at the Eléphant Paname (Paris).

Audiovisual Installation by Joanie Lemercier

Here is an audiovisual installation by artist Joanie Lemercier. Baptized “Blueprint“, the work is formed from a central monolithic tower that is flanked by two large screens and activated by light projection and sound. Together, these tell a story of the cosmos and architecture, climaxing in an anamorphosis. Discover the video later in the article.