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Sky Art Illustrations

The French illustrator Thomas Lamadieu travels the world photographing vertical views of the spaces between the buildings he uses as a canvas for colorful illustrations. The differences between the roofs and gutters are the source of inspiration for various characters inhabiting irregular patches of the sky.

Illustrations on Sidewalks Appear When Raining

Baptized Rainworks the invisible art of the Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church began appearing last year. Each installation is made from an environmentally friendly water-repellent coating that can lasts from four months to one year. Seeing this material used on clothes, the native of Seattle had the idea to spread it on the ground to reveal his works under the rain.

Look No Hands Project

Since 2011, graphic designer Michelle Vandy suffers of arm micro-traumatisms preventing her to practice her profession and her passion. But the artist didn’t lose hope, she conceived an ingenious system of nose-pad enabling her to draw with her mouth and nose. Her incredible project and some of her artworks are to be discover in images and video.