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Movie Recipes Posters

For the International Latino Film Festival in New York, HBO made some small humorous illustrations explaining step by step the progress of some kind of movies. These posters contains the necessary ingredients for a spaghetti western, or a romance. To discover in the following.

Artworks by Anna Garforth

Anna Garforth is a London-based artist who takes inspiration from nature to capture the most aesthetic details of it and translate them into art. Using multiple tools, the artist shows us, through this eclectic series, her creativity and versatility. Typography, models, and illustrations to discover in the article.

Textured Cut Paper Illustrations

The talented illustrator Morgana Wallace creates illustrations by using textured paper : with this valued tool, she creates these illustrations with several layers of cut paper and she carefully adds details with watercolor. Discover beautiful creations that refer to mythology and fantastic stories in the gallery.

Colorful Paper Sculptures

Fascinated by the paper and all the creative possibilities that this material offers, the artist Yulia Brodskaya whose the work was the object of an article previously, creates beautiful colorful compositions by using glue and cut paper. Between sculptures and illustrations, her creations are very graphic and performed with an admirable precision. To discover in images.