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Dynamic Paintings by Aaron Li-Hill

Canadian Brooklyn-based artist Aaron Li-Hill holds, since November 8th, an exhibition entitled “Electric Currents And Mortal Wounds” at White Walls in San Francisco. The artist composes his pictorial works with several positions of the characters, and it making a static picture highly dynamic. Halfway between illustration, sculpture, graffiti, graphic design, painting and drawing, the series is to discover below.

ROA – North West Walls

On the occasion of the music festival Rock Werchter which took place in Belgium from 3rd to 6th of July, North West Walls proposed exposure of creations from various artists curated by Arne Quinze. Among the different artists, the Belgian ROA has done well by giving us gigantic representations of animals on different containers. Wonderful creations to discover.

El Grio

Formerly known as graffiti artist, El Grio is a talented painter who creates representations of trivial objects. The combination of a range of earthy colors and minimalist style is the feature that makes its works extraordinary indisputable. Each figure is unique in its color and shape.

Banksy in New York

The artist Banksy decided to make the streets of New York his new playground for the month of October. And he offers multiple interventions, always trying to ask passersby on our ways of thinking. Diverse and varied experience to discover in a selection of images.

Spray Painted Boeing

The second installation of The Hanger One Project by Hangfire, Icarus_13, brings together two renowned graffiti drawers Sat One and Roids who had to paint together a Boeing 737. A titanic work in difficult weather conditions but the rendering is beautiful. To discover in the following pictures.