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1000 Frames Slow Motion

Here is the video for “Unconditional Rebel” of Siska. This video of several minutes is actually a single plan of 5 seconds that was slowed in post-production. To do this, the French director Guillaume Panariello used a Phantom 4K camera filming at 1000 frames per second. To discover.

Backlit Photo Frame

Swedish company Frameworks has designed the Frameworks One : a backlight photo frame commanded from your smartphone to change easily the diaporama or lighting. You can buy or sell prints of your synchronized photos in the Framework One thanks to an application set up for the project. More infos on their page Kickstarter.

Frame Store in Amsterdam

Dutch interior architects i29 have been commissioned by Frame Magazine to design a Frame Store in Amsterdam. They have placed panels in order to imitate the magazine’s pages, to give a 3D experience that unfolds on the entire surface of the store. The panels let the word “New” appearing in anamorphosis and two faces have been thought to cut the shop in half with black and white.

Mobil1 & Porsche – Directors Cut

Danish art director Anders Schroder from Frame, has made this video featuring a black Porsche coming to life thanks to its hi-tech oil motor Mobil1. All the pieces of the car move and become a furious bull to symbolize the power of the Porsche’s motor. A beautiful mix of live action, animation and special effects, to discover in video.

A Picture Frame That Blurs Like Memories

The furniture collection Good Medicine Tastes Bitter by designer Weng Xinyu gathers 4 smart objects. The “Time Killer” clock is a piece of tree with a saw that kills literally the time. The photo-frame “Tangible Memory” has a frame that blurs when it hasn’t been touched for a while : a bit like memories we lose if we don’t look after them. The “Angry Lamp” is a standing light which turns off if another lamp is on in the same room, in order to economize energy. And the “Shadow Play” lamp turns the light and shadows into a little theater.

Arvak Bicycle

This bicycle named Arvak is a creation of French design studio Keim. With the collaboration of the workshop Breitfuss Arvak is a bike that has a hollow monocoque frame made of 24 layers of laminated ash wood and a bio-sourced resin. The orientation of the wood fibers has even been optimized to develop the best quality of the material. To discover in images.