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Swim with Millions of Jellyfish

This unexpected video reminds us one of the famous scene of Disney movie Finding Nemo. It’s a diver who had the chance to film the phenomenon while swimming in the famous Jellyfish Lake at Palau Island. Each morning, 13 millions of little pink jellyfishes migrate from east to west of the lake, and come back late in the afternoon. A beautiful and spectacular ritual, to discover.

Zootopia Trailer

Disney animation studios revealed the trailer of their new creation entitled “Zootopia”, which will be released on the beginning of 2016. Animation movie take place in a particular city, where only animals are living there and cohabit and in which the rabbit and young policewoman, Judy Hopps, has to work with a fox named Nick Wilde, who is not indiscreet, very talkative and a little bit swindler.

Disney Reveals Hidden Easter Eggs in Pixar Movies

On its Youtube channel, Disney published a short video to show us that some futurs or older characters appear in Pixar movies. In this way we discover that the little clown fish “Nemo” is part of “Bouh” toys in the “Monsters Inc.”movie, or the dog named “Doug” in “Up !” movie appears as a shadow in “Ratatouille”. A lot of other surprises to discover.

Hidden Mickey Mouse in Disney Movie

When it comes to talking about Disney, Mickey is never really far away. Flagship character of the American firm, Mickey was entitled to more than a tribute disseminated in films produced by this giant of the animation field. From Beauty and the Beast to Snow White through more recent films like Lilo & Stitch, will you find it ?

Vice Versa Trailer by Pixar

“Have you ever wondered what could be going on in someone’s head?” Here is the question that will try to answer fun new animated film of Pixar, “Vice Versa” through a little girl, Riley. The emotions of the characters are characterized by a headquarters control center of their minds. In theaters the 17th of June.

Pixar – Inside Out Trailer

Director Peter Doctor (who has directed Monsters Inc and Up) is the author of the upcoming Pixar movie : Inside Out. He takes us not in the air but inside the brain of Riley, questioning the origins of emotions. Each emotion is played by lovely characters : Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear all live at the General Headquarters in Riley’s brain. A release on 17th June.

Disney Princess in Wonderful Landscapes

“A feminist approch”, it’s the title of a dreamy images series created by the london-based photographer and digital artist Nikita Gill. Here, Disney princesses and heroines such as The Little Mermaid or Pocahontas stay alone in the middle of a stunning landscape which directly refers to their story. A sparkling range of blue, tinted of pink and purple to discover in the gallery.

Pixar – Lava Short Film

Pixar and Disney’s studios presents a beautiful preview of their new short movie Lava, a musical love story about a volcano, which will be presented before the next Pixar’s movie “Vice Versa”. Beautiful images with surprising Timelapse effects to discover in the gallery until its release the June 17th, 2015.

Disney – Big Hero 6 Trailer

After the success of Frozen, teams of Walt Disney unveiled the new 3D animated movie called Big Hero 6. Inspired by a Marvel comic book, animated film to come out in the fall in the U.S. and in France in February underlines and combines action and humor in a trailer to discover in the article.