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Nike Lebron 12 Design

Nike recently unveiled in its Nike Campus in Portland the new model of Lebron 12, symbol of a new collaboration between the brand and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar Lebron James. A pair with a futuristic design to discover in our article with more images and videos.

Eye Know

Eye Know, it’s a journey through Tokyo street in the night. City lights succeed then the camera moves at the speed of lightning. Colors and shapes mix and create a kaleidoscopic swirl to give an impression of traveling through space. A great video made by Hiroshi Kondo to discover in the article.

Apple – Perspective

In addition to the presentation of its new products – iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & Apple Watch – and its new services, Apple has unveiled on the introduction of Keynote a beautiful video called “Perspective” playing with talent on various installations and optical illusions to deliver the brand philosophy. A nice setting to discover in the future.

Best-of Creative Lamps on Fubiz

In honor of the first september best-of, we celebrate the beginning of the autumn term : focus on the most beautiful lamps, made with wood, paper, concrete, marble, with 3D effects or suspended. We have compiled for you the most original works that have marked us. A nice range to discover in images.

The Nightsup

Based in Miami, the company NightSUP had the excellent idea of Paddleboards customized by adding to these boards LEDs allowing fans to enjoy their favorite sport at any time of the day or night. An ingenious idea that combines utility and design to discover in pictures as well as a video in the article.

Art from Wi-Fi Signals

Wondering how wireless technologies such as radios or wi-fi signals are transmitted through air, Luis Hernan decided to study the invisible signals at University of Newcastle. He managed to set up a system allowing long exposure photography to have a visual representation of wi-fis waves, giving an impressive result.