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Eclipse Clock

Designer Iván Navarro has created the clock Eclipse for PK Shop : a digital clock made of aluminium, glass, acrylic and using LED lights which light up progressively when the dawn comes. It becomes completely dark at midnight and the word “Petrification” appears. Designer wanted to create a relationship between time, light and motion.

Gigantic Curved Screen Exhibition

“Towards biology” is a piece created by Onionlab in collaboration with Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura for the exhibition “time, space, existence” held at palazzo bembo within the framework of the 2014 venice architecture biennale. Viewers are asked to consider abstractly the creative epicenter of bofill’s studio, and its work from the mid-1970s to the present day. To discover in video.

Electronic Slippers Turn a Dance into Abstract Paintings

Spanish designer Ledia Trubat has designed electronic ballerinas pair “E-Traces” connected to an application that transmits the dancer’s movements on the phone’s screen. It gives abstract paintings created digitally and interactively thanks to micro-controllers Lilypad Arduino. The concept was to transform the movement in visual sensations and traces.