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Touchable Memories

If you were blind, how could you take a look at a picture? This is the question that the Touchable Memories project initiated by Pirate3D tried to respond by 3D printing photographs, allowing to touch a part of it, an invisible paper surface becoming a touchable souvenir. Check out this wonderful video below.

Maple Keyboard Tray

In its collection “Maple”, designers from Grovemade have made a functional tray for Apple’s keyboards on which they added storage units for our desks. Made with maple wood, we can store pencils, piles or also cards. To discover in images and through a video.

Boston Layer-Lapse

Unlike timelapse that show consistent passing time, the Layer-lapse principle is to cut the pictures in sequences through layers. That’s why you can see different moments of the day on the same plan and at irregular speeds. A video made by Julian Tryba and that illustrates this process with talent.

Wo Hing General Store Identity

Manual Studio, based in San Francisco, has thought the identity of Wo Hing General Store : a Vietnamese restaurant located in the heart of Mission District. The logo and visual represent noodles taken by a scanner to produce a blue monochrome and negative effect inspired by cyanotypes. The restaurant’s neon was made with electroluminescent ink.

Ronin 47 Motorcycle

Focus on the design of the Ronin 47 motorcycle which is inspired by the model Buell 1125. Designers at Ronin Motor have thought about bringing some modernity, sobriety to this black model, with a futuristic dimensio. This motorcycle is a great reference to the story of 47 ronin and is available in limited edition. Its current price tag is 38 000 dollars. To discover in images.

The Keyboard of Isolation

The Keyboard of Isolation is an installation conceived by Jody Xiong in order to denounce human fictitious relationships and loneliness caused by the pervasiveness of computers in everyday life. The artist has consequently arranged a hundred figurines locked in jars, the whole giving form to a giant computer keyboard. More details in images et vidéo.

3D Printed Chair

Here’s a 3D printed chair made by a stereolithography process and designed by Daniel Widrig. This chair called “De-Optimised Chair” offers a visual and interesting design : produced in polyamide, thousands of polygons interlock and form a thick black mesh. To discover.

Glowing Painted Ferrari

In order to recreate the speed of the Ferrari California in an artistic demonstration, studio Oefner concretized the idea through a specific system of piping : luminescent flow paints are projected at a very high speed, gradually covering the entire surface of the car. A visual experience to discover in video.