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Dior Eyes

French fashion brandDior launches its first virtual reality headset, named “Dior Eyes”, combining les VR and 360° sound caption technologies. Product gives to brand customers a previously unseen immersion experience, which plunge them in backstages of the last fashion show. Customers of some Dior points of sale around the world will enjoy the experience from June 2015.

Amazing Jetpack Flight Above Dubaï

Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet form “The Jetman Dubai Team“. In a video of a little more than ten minutes, they offer to us a jetpack flight, as beautiful as breathtakingly high, above Dubaï, flying over the desert and so particular forms drawn by the city, saw from the sky. Landscapes and figures made by the two pilots parade in front of our eyes, giving the impression of being a part of this flight.

The Lily Drone Camera

The Lily Camera is a drone that activates itself simply by throwing it in the air. It controls itself by following the movements of a target, with a High Definition image. It’s also waterproof and it can follow you in your submarine adventures. This camera is available for 499$ until 15th June and will cost after that its initial price set at 999$.

Aston Martin Luxury Yacht

Dutch Firm Quintessence Yacht creates a partnership with Aston Martin to develop a 37-foot-long boat with the name of the prestigious automobile brand, the AM37. This boat will get two versions : the AM37 S, with a maximum speed of 60 knots and the AM37 with a maximum speed of 50 knots. This last model will be showed at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

Noah – Flaw

Japanese director Takafumi Tsuchiya (aka Takcom) is the author of the new clip of Noah for his song “Flaw”. In an aerial atmosphere with 3D, Takafumi manages to translate the celestial signature that lives in Noah’s music. We can see digitalized body’s parts in ghost landscapes and white sheets that go on roads and windmills.

Special Plates to Take Pictures of Your Meals

Foodography is a project imagined by the restaurant Catit and Carmel Winery, located in Tel Aviv. This restaurant proposes a culinary and photographic experience through two models of plates : The Limbo, The 360 designed to hold a smartphone and photoshoot your own meal for 155$/hour. This project is in the spirit of the times, between the influence of social networks and culinary stylism, “food art” and “food pornography”. An experience to live from June 2015.

Drone Football

AMV, Outsider’s Scott Lyon and Pepsi brand transformed a local football area in the street in Barcelona into a spectacular interactive area by using drones, also a projection technology with 30 000 LED lights. With this all material, animations and the sore are projected on the walls and drones are the referee.