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Magic Pencil Earphones

For 20 €, you can get these original earphones designed byt Megawing and called Magic Pencil Earphones. Available in three colors, these earphones are compatible with smartphones and proposes a design for the least original, giving the impression of a pencil stuck in your ears.

Crossroad of Realities

Photographer Benoit Paillé had the excellent idea with his series “Crossroad of Realities” to try to erase the boundary between actual shooting photo and video games. Using images from the game Grand Theft Auto V, so this series offers the possibility to return to the screen of the screen, and manages to plunge us in a unique world.

Peugeot Exalt

In the same vein than spot Onyx, here is the new film Peugeot for its prototype called Exalt presented at the Beijing Motor Show. Once again directed by Paul Mignot and produced by Cream, this video of breathtaking beauty and touting the greatness of this concept with an amazing post-production by Digital District.