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Hidden Beamer in a Lamp

Beam is a smart LED lamp designed by the Beam Lab Sinc. Its originality is to hide a mobile beamer of 8 Go that can adapt to any type of lamps and be controlled by bluetooth from your smartphone. You can support this project on Kickstarter : Beam will be on sell on october 2015 for the price of 399 $ in preorder.

Aston Martin V12 Vulcan

A few days before the Geneva Motor Show which will begin March 5th, a href=””>Aston Martin unveiled its supercar model called Vulcan. This model, which can not be controlled only on circuit offers a V12 7-liter engine and 800 horses, will offer its future owners many thrills. A model planned for 2016 and limited to 24 copies to be discovered in the article.

Wonderwall Luminous Installation in Lisbon

For the space exhibition “wonderWALL”, architects of LIKEarchitects have designed the installation “The Pool”, thought by Jen Lewin, in the middle of the commercial center of Lisbon. They have built a room closed by 20 000 stripes of black and white fabric. Inside, we can see a luminous ground that switches of colors by the contact of the feet’s passers-by.

Mercedes Benz Blind Spot Assist

Here is the new Mercedes-Benz campaign created by the Hamburg-based agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski. We see motorcyclists wearing giant rear-view mirrors and accompanied by the slogan “See what your rear-view mirror doesn’t”. The three posters are designed to promote the usefulness of the “Blind Spot Assist” function of the Sprinter model which can deeply help motorists on the road.

Graphic Saverscreens for Mac

Saver Screensson is a series of graphic saver screens for Mac OS X designed by Siggi Eggertsson. He has considered saver screens like moving artworks with almost-infinite possibilities of patterns, colors and images generated until creating several artworks from one random selection. A collection of 340 models and 19 color palettes is available.

Neptune Duo Smartwatch

Here is Neptune Duo. So far, the usual market smartwatches were extensions of smartphones. Neptune firm decided to reverse the trend by offering a smartwatch accompanied by an expansion pocket screen. The final product has a clean design with great features and offers a multitude of well-known applications.