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Art from Wi-Fi Signals

Wondering how wireless technologies such as radios or wi-fi signals are transmitted through air, Luis Hernan decided to study the invisible signals at University of Newcastle. He managed to set up a system allowing long exposure photography to have a visual representation of wi-fis waves, giving an impressive result.

The Current Table

Marjan Van Aubel imagined “The Current Table”, a piece of furniture with simple and successful design but can also be a source of energy. Indeed, the table contains a light-sensitive panel and can subsequently reload an electronic object via a USB port. A project that combines pleasure & smart use to discover in the article.

Ballet Clock Time

German designer Meike Harde changes codes of passing time ! Usually represented in graphical and numerical form, hours found poetry and balance through this clock, led by an athletic and slender ballerina. An appropriated object to take a contemplative view, cool, and a little less rushed on our days.

World Timezones Clock

Korean firm Elevenplus had the great idea to create a beautiful cylinder clock with a face that we can roll in order to know the different timezones of the entire world. This creation is available in 3 colors : grey, blue and orange. A good way to stay updated of what time it is on the other side of the world.