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The Play of Brilliants Exhibition

Besides the installation Light in Water, the exhibition “The Play of Brilliants” presents many more monumental artworks. On the theme of light, artists and designers such as WHITEvoid, Haberdashery, Soo Sunny Park and Flynn Talbot have imagined impressive sculptures. A sensorial and interactive experience composed of 11 installations and available until 31st of May, at the Eléphant Paname (Paris).

Experimental Raw 3D Artworks by Joey Camacho

Since early 2014, Canadian graphic designer Joey Camacho makes daily 3D artworks with subtle details for his project “Progress Before Perfection”. By using the softwares Cinema 4D and Octane Render, he recreates shapes inspired by biology, sound and geometry. After several months, he has put online prints of his 3D sculptures that you can buy on his website.

The First Short Movie with 3D Printed Pieces

French artist Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud directed the first short movie, named “Chase Me” only constituted of 2500 3D-printed pieces with 3D Form 1+ printer. The result will be showed during Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy in June 2015. The short movie will be also present at the Short Film Corner during the next Festival de Cannes.

New 3D Printed Clothes Collection by Iris Van Herpen

Iris van Herpen continues to explore 3D printing for her new collection “Terraforming”. She has worked with other textures and techniques such as laser-cut and translucent crystals. For her line Fall/Winter 2015, she has collaborated with architect professor Philip Beesley and designers specialized in 3D : Aleksandra Gaca for the textile and Japanese Nortaka Tatehana for the shoes.

The MINI Augmented Vision Eyewear

Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show 2015, the augmented vision eyewear concept by MINI provides improved comfort and safety, using see-through technology and a head-up display. The prototype was created with the help of Designworks and developed in collaboration with several companies of Qualcomm. This augmented reality helmet shows the relevant information in the direct vision’s field of the driver just above the steering wheel without hiding the road and other vehicles.

Interactive Canvases On A White Wall

Aakash Nihalani is an American artist specializing in installations. His work allows the public to interact with them by letting visitors to live their own experience of art. Here is a collection of geometric shapes, called “Projections”. It consists of interactive paintings on a white wall using a software movement to enable the visitor to move the art in his own way.

Audiovisual Installation by Joanie Lemercier

Here is an audiovisual installation by artist Joanie Lemercier. Baptized “Blueprint“, the work is formed from a central monolithic tower that is flanked by two large screens and activated by light projection and sound. Together, these tell a story of the cosmos and architecture, climaxing in an anamorphosis. Discover the video later in the article.

Spira Smartphone Recharging System

Here is SPIRA, the diploma project of Alice Robbiani at ECAL, the School of Art in Lausanne. Spira is an interactive framework, charger and clock that uses inductive technology from Arduino to recharge your smartphone wirelessly. Once the mobile is set, The thermochromic frame paint shows you visually how charged your phone is, and when you remove the phone, the paint returns to its original colour.