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Chulius & The Filarmonicos – Don’t

Spanish videomaker Cimadevilla Fermin (aka Nomeno) directed the clip of Chulius & The Filarmónicos and his title “Don’t” where we see a succession of shots focused on stills of a woman’s body parts in an pop approach, sensual and vintage at once. We can find English actress Kimberley Tell in this creation which gives a real work on graphic and geometrical forms.

Science Vs Music

Here is the crazy clip of the artist Nigel Stanford. Based on the visualization of audio frequencies, the single image Cymatics, from his album Echoes Solar, has been put in images. Sand, water or electrically interact with the vibrations generated by the instruments, and in turn recreate beautiful patterns. To discover.

Hip Hop Icons Stamps

The artist Mark Culmer has developed a series of stamps featuring portraits of America’s greatest rappers, annotated by their initials. J Dilla, Notorious BIG or 2Pac are to be discovered through monochromatic stamps which are available online via Madina website.