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A$AP Rocky – LSD

Director Dexter Navy reveals the new music video of A$AP Rocky, “LSD” an aerial and languid song illustrated by a video that seem to be inspired by Enter the Void. Accompanied by a young woman, the singer wanders in the streets of Tokyo by night, and under drug effects the camera transforms neon lights and shapes into psychedelic palettes.

Noah – Flaw

Japanese director Takafumi Tsuchiya (aka Takcom) is the author of the new clip of Noah for his song “Flaw”. In an aerial atmosphere with 3D, Takafumi manages to translate the celestial signature that lives in Noah’s music. We can see digitalized body’s parts in ghost landscapes and white sheets that go on roads and windmills.

Son Lux – Change is Everything

Musicians trio Son Lux, based in Brooklyn, revealed the music video of its track named “Change Is Everything”. The originality of the vidéo, directed by Nathan Johnson of The Made Shop is in the way it was shot. In fact, it’s a simple stop-motion made with 200 push pins and 500 feet of rubberized thread to form shapes moving with the music rhythm.

A Couple Relationship Choreography

“Edifice” is a video directed by Rogerio Silva who wanted to illustrate the couple through a choreography exploring and gathering American Latin dance and contact improvisation. On a music by Alaskan Tapes – “Then Suddenly, Everything Changed”, he asked to the dancers Carmine De Amicis and Harriet Waghorn to love each other, slot together, support each other, to edify, tear apart and break up, during the time of a symbolic ballet.

20syl – Back & Forth

French DJ and member of the french group C2C, 20syl, revealed the music video of his new track named “Back & Forth”. The creation directed by Porthé, make us travel in a black, white and red universe modeled in 3D in which some bricks fit together and light up in red or white with the sound rhythm.

Jabberwocky – Fog

Exclusively on Fubiz, the music video of Jabberwocky of his new track, “Fog” . The cartoon which look like a comic, was directed by Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach, from the Ecole des Gobelins. The music video was produced by Fiction France, Pain Surprise and Miyu Productions, which is also the animation studio.