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Hip Hop Icons Stamps

The artist Mark Culmer has developed a series of stamps featuring portraits of America’s greatest rappers, annotated by their initials. J Dilla, Notorious BIG or 2Pac are to be discovered through monochromatic stamps which are available online via Madina website.

Flying Lotus Feat Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me

After his clip for Childish Bambino and Chet Faker, here’s the new video of Hiro Murai for rappers Flying Lotus et Kendrick Lamar and their title “Never Catch Me”. With a 1:1 format, we see a funeral of two children who come out of their caskets to dance everywhere in the church, and even in the street. A choreography by Keone & Mar and a Jason Colon production, to watch.

Sarh – U and I

New York-based director Paul Trillo, who we already have talked about previously, just released the new music video of Sarh for their song “U And I”. A woman and a man meet in a nowhere and visually strong universe where all is split, for a dance. A production by AFOG and a choreography by Ani Taj, to discover.

Above America

“Above America” is a collection of footages filmed in the 80′s by Harrison Sanborn‘s father. Gathering very beautiful landscapes of America with a bird’s view, Harrison Sanborn has re-scanned, edited and colored the images of an old Arri IIC camera with an Eastman Kodak 5247 film. On an epic music by Wagner – “Ride of the Walkyries”, we can still see the Twin Towers.

Inside Me

German designer and videomaker, Dmitry Zakharov has directed the video “Inside me” in order to show what happens inside of his body. With a 3D-scan technique, he reproduced an image of his own body : it gives abstract, linear and colorful patterns in movement that make us think sometimes of little planets gravitating in his personal universe.

Lido – Money

Here’s the new video clip entitled Money by musician Lido, extract of his latest EP “I love you“. The video depicts still life, vanitas and sculptures exploding and catching fire in an opulent-looking manor. In this destructive video, no humans or animals, just art, food and money. A fine achievement signed Jam Sutton to discover.