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Xcube Speaker

Here is Xcube a speaker conceived by designer Michael Samoriz. His cubist geometry allows to provide a 360-degree listening pleasure. Its simple but unique shape offers multi surround sound that can be refined by repositioning the sculptural unit up to any desired angle. The unit is also equipped with Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone.

1000 Frames Slow Motion

Here is the video for “Unconditional Rebel” of Siska. This video of several minutes is actually a single plan of 5 seconds that was slowed in post-production. To do this, the French director Guillaume Panariello used a Phantom 4K camera filming at 1000 frames per second. To discover.

Imagine Dragons Covers by Tim Cantor

For the upcoming album “Smoke + Mirrors” of the band Imagine Dragons, illustrator Tim Cantor has imagined covers for each one of the 13 songs included in this opus. These illustrations represent the images that Tim Cantor has seen during the listening of each song. The visuals will be exhibited at the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris from the 17th to the 20th february and the album will be released on the 16th february.

Jungle – Julia

After “Time”, Busy Earnin’, “The Heat” and “Platoon”, English videomaker Oliver Hadlee Pearch has once again directed the latest music video of Jungle for their title “Julia”. Always on the dance theme, we see a man with make-up on his face dancing and jumping with a group of men in some kind of an arena. A production CLM Film, to discover.

A Ballet in New York City

For the clip of Color War and their song “Shapeshifting”, from their latest album “It Could Only Be This Way”, videomaker Crystal Moselle (represented by Sibling Rivalry Studio) has directed a video staging 3 young ballerinas in the heart of New York : they make little steps in Times Square, their stretchings in Manhattan and turn around a man, on tip-toe, in subway passages.

SAGE – In Between

For his EP release “In Between”, singer SAGE just revealed the clip of the song “In Between”, directed by Ismael Moumin and produced by Frenzy Paris. Dancers Fanny Sage and Julien Thibault, leaded by Julie Bour, are torn and moved at once in a sensual and fragmented choreography, while the singer is divided in two, like a cut paper sheet.