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We Love Art Installations

As part of their 10th anniversary, the agency We Love Art organizes an event in a unique place on 13th December, 2014. This evening described as a loft party willl hold an experimental scenography with the works of three artists and collectives. Carnovsky will propose a wallpaper RGB, while Collective Corner will arrange a cyclical installation with balloons on the floor and Pixel Square, will invest the place with an interactive chandelier hanging LED bars.

Simulation of Power Plant Installation

“Solar Reserve” 2014 by John Gerrard is a computer simulation of an actual power plant known as a solar thermal power tower, surrounded by 10,000 mirrors that reflect sunlight upon. Over the course of a 365-day year, the work simulates the actual movements of the sun, moon, and stars across the sky, as they would appear at the Nevada site, with the thousands of mirrors adjusting their positions in real time according to the position of the sun.