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Dj QBert Interactive Album Cover

One of Hip Hop’s most famous DK in the world in the person of Dj QBert just released in collaboration with Novalia, an interactive vinyl album cover. Inside the packaging, there is a mixer printed on a sheet of paper using printed electronics. Touching the paper connects to the Algoriddim DJAY app, allowing the user to scratch. The world’s first interactive DJ Decks in an album cover to discover.

Cygnus Immersive Lights Projections

For the MARKA 2014 International Brand Conference in Istanbul, creative Turkish studio Ouchhh and producer Bi’Şeyler New Media Works have designed “Cygnus” : a light installation that immerges 2000 viewers in a constellation and black hole experience. A tribute to the Swan Constellation discovered in 1971 where we can see the star CYGNUS X-1binary spreading X-rays.

Poetic Dancing Show with Light Mapping

This stunning video is an extract of the dancing show orchestrated by french choreographer Mourad Merzouki, where dancers moves complete with amazing and subtle mapping projections created by Adrien M / Claire B. Luminescent rains, filaria dunes, white whirlwind, “Pixel” is a poetic performance that show us how reality can interact with digital world. To discover.