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Paper Robot Prototype

ZURI is a programmable robot made from paper and cardboard invented by german design company Zoobotics. This motion machine, conceived of as a kit, can be assembled with a few tools (cutter, ruler, cutting mat, bone folder, glue and screwdriver). In addition to a distance sensor, the Paper Robot has servo motors, servo controllers and a Bluetooth module for wireless control via PC or smartphone.

Windowless Plane

We all dreamed of flying in the air with the sensation of floating in the clouds. It’s almost done now with UK-based tech innovation company Centre for Process Innovation and thanks to their latest invention the Windowless Fuselage Concept. This future generation of aircraft expected to replace conventional windows with high-definition and flexible panels displaying capture of cameras mounted on the outside of the machine. Check out the video.

Origami Umbrella

Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman, Nooka‘s brand designers have designed “The Sa”, an umbrella with an innovative design. Indeed, the two designers get inspired by origami structure and designed this geometric umbrella with an eco-friendly material choice and an ingenious mechanism. More details in images and video.

Keecker Worlds First Homepod

Here is the first HomePod of the world : a house robot, or rather an independent mobile computer featuring a video projection system and a high-definition audio and video 360 system. This enable inhabitants to turn any room into an entertainment place depending on the activity they do. A project made by Keecker to discover in images and video.

Perched Bird Lamp

Made by London-based designer Umut Yamac, the “Perch Light” is a lamp representing a bird in paper and brass which can swing. The bird fixed on a perch lights up with elegance and swings when you touch it or when there is a gentle wind. To discover through Tom Gildon’s photos.

A Picture Frame That Blurs Like Memories

The furniture collection Good Medicine Tastes Bitter by designer Weng Xinyu gathers 4 smart objects. The “Time Killer” clock is a piece of tree with a saw that kills literally the time. The photo-frame “Tangible Memory” has a frame that blurs when it hasn’t been touched for a while : a bit like memories we lose if we don’t look after them. The “Angry Lamp” is a standing light which turns off if another lamp is on in the same room, in order to economize energy. And the “Shadow Play” lamp turns the light and shadows into a little theater.