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Interactive Light Using Physics Simulator

Created by the design studio based in Madrid Espadaysantacruz, Kinetics Light is an interactive light installation where the behavior of light is controlled by a simulator physics. Composed of 78 tungsten bulbs, the installation includes a piezoelectric transducer located in the first bulb. The sensor collects the strength of tap and generates light of particle moving along the loop.

The Arcade Game Skyscraper

On the occasion of Art Basel in Hong Kong, a light show inspired by arcade games is projected on the highest skyscraper of the city. Entitled “Same Old, Brand New”, this project by artist Cao Fei will be broadcast five times a night over the five days of the art exhibition. The projected visuals include the classic Pac-Man and Tetris.

Indoor Outdoor Table

Imagined by Shani Ha, “Table for Two” is a ground-breaking concept of bistro table split between the interior and exterior of a New-York restaurant. This smart interactive installation remind us the art piece of Edward Hopper, “Nighthawks” and leads us to re-examine the question of social interaction in cities. Find out more in the gallery and on Shani’s website.