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Electronic Slippers Turn a Dance into Abstract Paintings

Spanish designer Ledia Trubat has designed electronic ballerinas pair “E-Traces” connected to an application that transmits the dancer’s movements on the phone’s screen. It gives abstract paintings created digitally and interactively thanks to micro-controllers Lilypad Arduino. The concept was to transform the movement in visual sensations and traces.

Wall Hanging Chess Board

Chess is an unusual chessboard project : vertically hanging, it adorns the wall like a picture and can be contemplated as functional art piece. By its innovative design, it symbolizes creativity and help to consider this game differently, as more participative and less elitist. A project thought by Sean Connell and proposed on Kickstarter, to discover in the gallery.

Interactive Carpets in Italian Castle

Magic Carpet is an interactive installation thought by artist Miguel Chevalier. This magic light carpet located in the exterior courtyard of the Castle del Monte in Italy is covering the floor of psychedelic and kaleidoscopic patterns in movement. This fabulous project plunge visitors in a new dimension and makes them live an extraordinary experience. To discover in video.

Playgrounds Titles 2014

For 2014, the Digital Playground Arts Festival, asked to the London animation studio Bif to achieve the titles video of the event. The video show us a futuristic city whose material deforms and stretches to infinity. Beautiful digital prowess to discover in video.

Ghost of Bicycle Lights

Created for the grand depart of the Tour de France 2014 from Yorkshire, Ghost Peloton created by NVA fuses performance cycling with athletic choreography. Each rider, bike and performer was illuminated using NVA’s bespoke LED light suit, which can instantaneously change colour, flash-rate and luminosity. The rhythm of movement from the choreographed actions of massed participants becomes a source of creativity in itself, extending perception of the immediate setting.

Paper Robot Prototype

ZURI is a programmable robot made from paper and cardboard invented by german design company Zoobotics. This motion machine, conceived of as a kit, can be assembled with a few tools (cutter, ruler, cutting mat, bone folder, glue and screwdriver). In addition to a distance sensor, the Paper Robot has servo motors, servo controllers and a Bluetooth module for wireless control via PC or smartphone.

Windowless Plane

We all dreamed of flying in the air with the sensation of floating in the clouds. It’s almost done now with UK-based tech innovation company Centre for Process Innovation and thanks to their latest invention the Windowless Fuselage Concept. This future generation of aircraft expected to replace conventional windows with high-definition and flexible panels displaying capture of cameras mounted on the outside of the machine. Check out the video.