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The Candy Alphabet

Here is a series as sweet as colored developed by the artist Massimo Gammacurta. An alphabet called “Eat Me” represented by letters whose uniqueness and originality are amplified by production’s blemishes. The artist presents an interesting and high-color work, to discover in the following.

Lamp For Plants

“Milo” is an interior lamp made by designers from Lightovo. This lamp was created in order to bring more light to flowers and plants that we can put inside the glass. A smart way to maintain flowers thanks to LED and to give more use to a light. To discover.

Bubble Installation

The artist Luka Fineisen designed a very nice installation made of plastic bubbles put on the floor. The beauty of this project is in the paradox created by the apparent fragility of bubbles, and the crystallization of these ephemeral objects in the space-time. To discover in the following.

Society of Biology Photography Award 2014

The Society of Biology just released its shortlist for the this year’s edition. The theme of 2014 is : “Home, Habitat and Shelter” and 800 entries have been counted, from amateur photographers. The winners could win 1,000 £ (500£ for younger participants). A spider’s web or an egg through we can see an embryo : a selection is available in the article.