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Typographic and Graphic Games Quotes Prints

Kyle Robertson is a graphic designer based in London. He created a black and white posters set in which he plays with the typography and graphic according to the quote of leading figures he wants to highlight, as the artist Evan Robertson. On some creations, eyes like to be lost during reading. Research of the perfect design is amazing and original.

Composition of Mammal’s Posters

Japanese graphic designer Wataru Yoshida, made a mammal’s posters set while studying at Tama Art University. This creation was designed to an imaginary exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Science. The mamma’s bony anatomy is drawn on their skin. The realization of these creations is amazing through the artist’s precision and attention to detail.

Nepal Times

Australian video maker and photographer James Baker has been in Nepal and came back with amazing footages. In a five-minutes short movie, published on his Vimeo account, majestic landscapes and street actions come one after another with the music which is well chosen.

Bold Quotes Posters Featuring Great Leaders

Dennie Soetopo is an art director and a graphic designer based in Jakarta. He created a posters’ collection for the Indonesian platform “Opini” which encourages people to give their opinion. Uncluttered design creations are made with quotes of famous leaders of United States and Indonesian History and from different fields like high technologies, politics or sport.

Strong is the New Pretty

Kate Parker, an American photographer, is the author of the photographic project “Strong is the New Pretty”, in which she documents the childish and untroubled lives of her two daughters and their friends. This series wants to show girls as they really are, without stereotypes, social pression and attention to superficiality : they are strong, noisy, athletic, happy, brave, blooming and that’s what makes their beauty.

The First Short Movie with 3D Printed Pieces

French artist Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud directed the first short movie, named “Chase Me” only constituted of 2500 3D-printed pieces with 3D Form 1+ printer. The result will be showed during Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy in June 2015. The short movie will be also present at the Short Film Corner during the next Festival de Cannes.