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Barricade Table by Antonio Serrano

Here is a table created by the Mexican artist Antonio Serrano. With the motto “Everything starts with a connection, Even this table,” the designer has designed a unique table whose legs recall precisely connections or conductors threads. The name also refers to the design which appears as a sort of barricade declined in several colors : red, yellow, black to discover in the gallery.

Ice Cream Sculptures

Sarah Illenberger is a German artist who skillfully transforms ordinary materials in unexpected objects. Here, she plays with ice cream transforming them in hot-air balloon or even in peacock. One of her creations strangely looks alike the Red Square’s Cathedral in Moscow. A gourmet series to discover in colorful images.

Growing Books

The concept of Growing Books was created by two Australian who have decided to give life back to old worn books. Cacti and other plants take place into books’ hearts with a hard cover, entirely protected from the water of the spraying. A nice initiative to discover.

Colorful Paper Sculptures

Fascinated by the paper and all the creative possibilities that this material offers, the artist Yulia Brodskaya whose the work was the object of an article previously, creates beautiful colorful compositions by using glue and cut paper. Between sculptures and illustrations, her creations are very graphic and performed with an admirable precision. To discover in images.

California Timelapse

In the series of Timelapse videos, here is one entirely dedicated to California. During around four minutes, landscapes from Yosemite National Park, Death Valley or Malibu, offering a stunning video showing colors of twilight or sparkling city lights. A video made by Hal Bergman.