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Split Screen of Paris vs New York

While every major city in the world hold their own cultural particularities, many of them have huge common architectural point. This is the premise which has used the director Franck Matellini to make this split-screen video between Paris and New York to demonstrate his hypothesis. This film disclosing beauty, vitality and character of both cities is to discover below.

Berlin Wall Rebuilt in Glowing Orbs

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall , artists Christopher and Marc Bauder have, along with the studio Whitevoid, reconstituted fifteen kilometers of the original route of the Wall with some 8,000 light balloons filled with helium. This project entitled “Lichtgrenze”, “Border of Light” will be installed on November 7, balloons will fly the 9th of November at night. A nice way to remind people of Berlin, a crucial part of their history.

Night’s Projection Photography

Graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins, young and talented photographer Marine Billet has collaborated with Hellena Burchard for the series “Night’s Projection” : 5 photos of luminous geometric forms’ projections in anamorphosis in the middle of wild landscapes at night. Without any post-production, she created the different forms she wanted on Photoshop beforehand. A beautiful intervention of articifial shapes in a nature that she models.

Spiral Pod Staircase

For the “Riverside” penthouse, recently renovated, English architects Foster Lomas imagined this amazing staircase with an elegant movement of spiral. This staircase decorates like a sculpture the living room, while lighting it up thanks to its lights installation, its color and its smooth and shiny texture.

Frozen Light

Designed to be hung on a tree branch, this experimental chandelier featured a woven fishnet that collects natural water as the morning dew and the rain to gradually crystallize it, forming stalactites. At night, the light’s rays reflect in the ice and create a sublime brightness. A project made by Arturo Erbsman to discover in the article.