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Flow Animation Short Movie

Voici un court-métrage d’animation réalisé par l’illustrateur animateur belge Mathijs Demaeght. Entitled “Flow”, the story is about a young girl makes an unexpected friend when a white wolf takes her through a mysterious portal on a journey to confront her grief. Loneliness, grief, friendship and love resonate in our heads.

64GB Memory Card Book

Here is the new book by the publisher based in Hong Kong, Viction:ary. Entitled “64GB – 64 Eminent Creatives from Great Britain”, this book is a sketch of British design scene shaped by established and emerging creative units. The packaging is inspired by the design of SD memory cards.

Numbers 3D Typography by Muokkaa

Spanish graphic designer Muokkaa has been commissioned by Yorokobu magazine, for their issue 58, in order to make a calendar filled by visuals showing numbers from 0 to 3. A real work has been accomplished on the 3D, the colors, the numbers’ shapes and their composition. To discover in the gallery.

Vivid Colors Identity for Bakery Amado

“Amado” by Hyatt is an artisanal Mexican bakery, offering typical and regional candies which are unique by their vivid colors and various textures. Studio Anagrama, whose we have already talked about, got busy inventing their packagings and branding by getting inspired by the architect Luis Barragán’s modern style, the classico-romantism of poet Amado Nervo and the vivid palette of their candies.