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Mild Whistle Identity

ODDS, acronym for Our Daily Dose of Design Shenanigans, imagined all of the graphic identity for Mild Whistle. A variation of a high quality, playing to perfection the color turquoise for softness, offering touches of gold and bronze for a more impacting rendering. To discover in the article.

8-bit Ghibli

English designer Richard J.Evans wanted to pay tribute to the work of Japanese animation legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki by transposing major characters of his films as works in pixel art. Rendering absolutely beautiful, this arts play with talent on nostalgia of 8-bit graphics & the world of Studio Ghibli.

Shady Illusion Lamp

This lamp made ​​by Yoy, has the distinction of being a lamp trompe l’oeil: when lit, the shadow of a shade appears on the wall. Thanks to LED technology placed in the lamp head, it seems to have a lampshade when she is naked. A true creation to discover below.