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3D Typography Numbers

French studio RDN, based in Nantes, created a series of 3D numbers from 0 to 9 on very colorful backgrounds. On each number, an animation seems to happen : a twisting number, another that throws balls and more… To discover in images in the article.

Eye Know

Eye Know, it’s a journey through Tokyo street in the night. City lights succeed then the camera moves at the speed of lightning. Colors and shapes mix and create a kaleidoscopic swirl to give an impression of traveling through space. A great video made by Hiroshi Kondo to discover in the article.

Best-of Creative Lamps on Fubiz

In honor of the first september best-of, we celebrate the beginning of the autumn term : focus on the most beautiful lamps, made with wood, paper, concrete, marble, with 3D effects or suspended. We have compiled for you the most original works that have marked us. A nice range to discover in images.

Bird Wings Scarves

Roza Khamitova, a Melbourne-based fashion designer, has created a collection of scarves with birds’ wings patterns. When you put the scarf on your shoulders, it gives the illusion of spreading wings. Poetic creations in coton that we can buy on her Etsy shop. To discover in images.

Dom Pérignon Redesigned by Iris van Herpen

For a limited edition, Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen redesigned the visual identity of the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 on the metamorphosis and time’s thematics. She dressed the package and the bottle with organic green and black patterns inspired by cocoons. She also imagined a piece “über-premium” called “Cocoonase”. A creation to discover in images and through a Daniel Sannwald’s spot.

Disney Princess in Wonderful Landscapes

“A feminist approch”, it’s the title of a dreamy images series created by the london-based photographer and digital artist Nikita Gill. Here, Disney princesses and heroines such as The Little Mermaid or Pocahontas stay alone in the middle of a stunning landscape which directly refers to their story. A sparkling range of blue, tinted of pink and purple to discover in the gallery.