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Frost by Mads Botker

“Frost” is a series of events taking place in Copenhagen during the month of February. The final concept for 2013 was built on the idea of ​​the experience itself in a confined space. The experiment is performed using red and blue colored liquids, placed together or separately, each experiment provides a different result.

Past Present Future

This beautiful art video called “Past. Present. Future” was directed by director Dima Tskhay. Shot with a Canon 5D, this video contains a powerful, graphic and aesthetic universe, with a constant return between 3 times : past, present and future. Discover the video on a music by band Two Step From Hell.

Lolea Identity

Lolea is the personal project of friends who want to share what they love. Products are Sangrias quality made ​​by craftsmen: good wine is made with natural ingredients. Because Lolea is a tribute to friendship, family, celebration and joy, always served very cold with a slice of lemon and orange.