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Design And Feeling Series

After his clothes’ collection for Lulu & Co, American designer and artist Chad Wys comes back with a new personal series called “Design And Feeling”. Abstract and inspired once again by classical paintings, his artworks gather paintings and sculptures filled by colors brush’s strokes and samples of pantone.

Rooftop Dancers in Paris by JR

Famous artist JR has assembled a cast of forty dancers that he photographed at 56m above the ground, on the rooftop of the Opera Garnier in Paris. Dressed in black and white polka-dot leotards, dancers have played the game and made this ambitious project a reality. Find out more in the gallery.

Plaid – Matin Lunaire

Matin Lunaire is the story of a young woman who wakes up in a heavenly and sweet universe. But suddenly the scene changes, the day becomes night and the moon shines. Between dream and reality, the young woman discovers a world full of colorful neon lights and kaleidoscopic shapes on a Plaid sound composition. A video produced by Clement Oberto, to discover in the article.