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Street Art in Istanbul

During a trip in Istanbul in Turkey, Pejac has combined his talents of street artist with the country oriental influences to paint moucharabiehs and mise en abyme of locks on the walls. The very fine and realistic outcome creates a real illusion. This series called “Lock, Post and Shutters” is to discover in images.

White Store in Amsterdam by XML

In the heart of Amsterdam, in an underground gallery dating back to the 17th century, architecture office XML has designed a water and vitamin drinks store. All white everything, the core element of the scheme is a 9-meter long translucent bar containing 28 tube lights that creates a bright, glowing volume amidst the distinct hue of crimson that defines the area.

Shout’s Illustrations

Italian illustrator SHOUT (also known as Alessandro Gottardo) works for print editorials and magazines’ covers. On the upcoming 25th October, he will release his book “On Shout”, at 279Editions : a compilation of 141 illustrations made from 2010 to 2014. A selection of his work is available in the gallery.

Circular Calendar 2015

For the second year running, is proposed on the websiteCircular Calendar as the name indicate it, a circular calendar enabling a better visualization of calendar weeks, daily sun, moon cycles, summer and winter solstices, spring and autumn equinox. Really closed to the fried egg graphism, this calendar is a beautiful allegory of years running repeatedly, perpetual cycle of going in circles time.

Tyrsamisu Typography

Focus on the latest creation of French artist Tyrsa : the “tyrsamisu” between the typography and the pastry-making. Letters are in chocolate, raised on layers of creams, coffee and cacao powders. A collaboration with the pastry-chief Benoît Castel who has shared three different tiramisu’s recipes for the Parisian bakery LIBERTÉ. To discover through an Axel & Julien’s video.

Best-of LEGO on Fubiz

For this best-of of October, we have thought about gathering for you the best of the LEGO inspiration : a universe made of bricks and little yellow characters that have certainly taken your time during your youth afternoons. Since, they didn’t stop influencing creation, even for the most adult : staged scenes made up by photographers, tables and bridges built by designers and architects, and also amazing sculptures created by artists.

Shadow And Light Patterns

Pakistani artist Anila Quayyum Agha has showed her project “Intersections” at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, in Michigan. Light and shadows’ projections reflect on the walls, the floor and the ceiling. The light comes from a cube that has been laser-cut in order to project mosaics.

TEDxTianhe Opening

In honor of TEDxTianhe, the organization has worked to create a video opening to introduce the different categories of the event. For this, the production agency Bito generated a spot where colorful and geometric patterns evolve and link with great flexibility and inspiration. To discover in video.