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Typographic and Graphic Games Quotes Prints

Kyle Robertson is a graphic designer based in London. He created a black and white posters set in which he plays with the typography and graphic according to the quote of leading figures he wants to highlight, as the artist Evan Robertson. On some creations, eyes like to be lost during reading. Research of the perfect design is amazing and original.

Composition of Mammal’s Posters

Japanese graphic designer Wataru Yoshida, made a mammal’s posters set while studying at Tama Art University. This creation was designed to an imaginary exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Science. The mamma’s bony anatomy is drawn on their skin. The realization of these creations is amazing through the artist’s precision and attention to detail.

Masking Tape Street Art

Australian street artist Buff Diss based in Melbourn, only create with masking tape. Creation’s size and geometry really tell us about the volume of masking tape and work which was useful to create. Works are so precise as it can seem similar to some works made with aerosol.

The Play of Brilliants Exhibition

Besides the installation Light in Water, the exhibition “The Play of Brilliants” presents many more monumental artworks. On the theme of light, artists and designers such as WHITEvoid, Haberdashery, Soo Sunny Park and Flynn Talbot have imagined impressive sculptures. A sensorial and interactive experience composed of 11 installations and available until 31st of May, at the Eléphant Paname (Paris).

Experimental Raw 3D Artworks by Joey Camacho

Since early 2014, Canadian graphic designer Joey Camacho makes daily 3D artworks with subtle details for his project “Progress Before Perfection”. By using the softwares Cinema 4D and Octane Render, he recreates shapes inspired by biology, sound and geometry. After several months, he has put online prints of his 3D sculptures that you can buy on his website.

Mapping Video Installation for Hermès

Hermès partners with Ugo Gattoni for an itinerant exhibition on the theme of “Flânerie”. Entitled Wanderland and installed at the Saatchi Gallery in London, it will move soon in Paris, Turin and other cities in the World. The exhibition includes several spaces and concludes with a video mapping projected on a giant door above which hangs in the air, the two Hermes square designed by the artist and soon available.