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Best-of Timelapse on Fubiz

For the second best-of of April, we have gathered for you the best of the timelapse : this beautiful technique which allows to accelerate the time to see it flying by and which also permits to landscapes, flowers, people and cities to move themselves. The selection is available in the next part of the article.

Hundred Waters – Cavity

American artist Michael Langan gives us a great clip for the song Hundred Waters illustrating the music Cavity. Playing with talent on the light reflecting off the face of the singer, achieving increases the visual effects, and rendering fits perfectly with the ambiance of music.

Agoria – 360 Project

Inviting the public to follow him into an incredible adventure, the project 360 will allow Agoria display its artistic richness of an original and innovative way. The project goal is to see a DJ play in four different places in one day and to perform four original compositions in each location.

Pillar Point – Dreamin’

Shot with a RED Epic mounted on a Movi Freefly, this video shows the absolutely incredible music piece Dreamin’ by Pillar Point strarring dancer and choreographer Daisuke Omiya in the heart of New York snow. Images between Times Square & Central Park of breathtaking beauty directed by Jacob Krupnick from studio Wild Combination.

Farao – The Hours

Here is the video clip Farao, “The hours”. The video consists of 3144 photos taken in Norway, Iceland and England. Directed by Karl Erik Brøndbo and Hallvar Witzø, a Norwegian duo. Beautiful landscapes music to discover in the rest of the article.