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Illustrations on Sidewalks Appear When Raining

Baptized Rainworks the invisible art of the Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church began appearing last year. Each installation is made from an environmentally friendly water-repellent coating that can lasts from four months to one year. Seeing this material used on clothes, the native of Seattle had the idea to spread it on the ground to reveal his works under the rain.

Lettering with Cake Typography

“Printing Friends” is a design and creativity magazine printed by Danagård LiTHO in Sweden. In 2014, they have rethought the magazine by focusing on arts such as illustration, photography, typography and personal stories. For the issue 8 – “Food”, studio Snask (who did the project Craft), has designed the cover with the P and F letters under the shape of a cream cake.

Colorful Mosaics of Landscapes

In his series “48″, graphic designer and photographer Victor Tretiak transforms his pictures into mosaics of 48 squares that distort the scale, the perspective and the colors of the images. Some of these tropical scenes seem nearer or farer than they truly are, giving the viewer the impression that he is admiring these “Rubik’s Cube” landscapes with a pair of binoculars.