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Long Exposure Portraits with Glowing Plankton

Eric Paré, based in Canada and known for his light painting pictures, decided to explore the bioluminescence of plankton through night portraits in the ocean of the Holbox Island, in Mexico. The plankton lights up in blue when it’s activated by the movement. With the long exposure technique, he has captured bodies enlightened by the plankton light but also by the stars and the city.

Street Art in Dublin for the Gay Marriage

Joe Caslin is an Irish street artist that shows his involvement for the gay marriage in the streets of Dublin. A few day before the vote for the gay marriage, he made a giant fresco on the Galway Castle, inspired by the classical painting “The Meeting On Turret Stairs” by Irish painter Frederic William Burton. A few months earlier, he was the author of the project “Embrace” : a embrace between two men posted everywhere in the streets, in frescos and stickers.

KFC Paper Tray as Keyboard

Fast-food chain KFC has invented a smart system to enable customers to use their smartphones without leaving oily fingerprints on their touchscreen : they created the “Tray Typer”, a durable paper tray put on a wireless keyboard connected via Bluetooth. Find out more in video.