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Pleno Visual Identity by Futura

Mexican studio Futura has designed the corporate identity and style guide of Pleno restaurant, located in Condesa, Mexico. From menu and packaging to original set design, the studio has created a graphic and colorful visual identity, mixing art deco and modernist influences. Find out more in the gallery.

Surreal Human Landscapes Collages

Spanish artist Rocio Montoya, whose we already have talked about for her flowery portraits and collages, comes back with a series entitled “The Island” which focuses on the woman as an island. Commissioned by the website Trendland, the idea was to talk about the female body like a surrealistic landscape using symbolic elements of nature and the deconstruction of a bust.

Underwater Wild Life

Italian videomaker Sandro Bocci directed this video called “Meanwhile” : a diving into the submarine world in the middle of corals, underwater animals and stars. She wanted to show a hidden and amazing part of the universe which we should take care more. On a music by Maurizio Morganti, a video to discover.