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Pilot House in Norway

Design studio Snøhetta, whose we already have talked about, has built the “Pilot House” in the city of Larvik, in Norway. The originality of this pavilion is in the facade and rooftop with sloped photovoltaic panels. This house offers a minimalist interior mixing bricks and wood. To discover in images in the gallery.

Norvège – Utopies personnelles d’un pays sans nuit

Un mois, 7300 km parcourus depuis Bordeaux pour explorer les régions sauvages de Norvège. Une aventure collective également couchée dans un récit qui raconte l’aventure et ses découvertes à travers une exploration et une expérience humaine partagée.Des moments précieux, difficiles parfois, mais qui ouvrent sur des perspectives de liberté dont le partage est le seul [...]

Blackout City

After travelling in Norway, videomaker Nicholas Buer, specialized in timelapses at day and astronomy amateur at night, has directed a very beautiful timelapse called “Blackout City” and which presents cities of the South of England when all is dark and calm. When the city lights are off, it’s the turn of the sky lights to be on : the invisible becomes visible.

Statoil Regional Offices

With its glass facade windows and its 117 000 square meters of surface, the Statoil Regional Offices, located in Norway, was built in 20 months by A-Lab architects and 2500 workers. This building was thought like a game of construction, spouting in all sides with blocks that are piled up and cross each other. To discover.

Farao – The Hours

Here is the video clip Farao, “The hours”. The video consists of 3144 photos taken in Norway, Iceland and England. Directed by Karl Erik Brøndbo and Hallvar Witzø, a Norwegian duo. Beautiful landscapes music to discover in the rest of the article.