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Farao – The Hours

Here is the video clip Farao, “The hours”. The video consists of 3144 photos taken in Norway, Iceland and England. Directed by Karl Erik Brøndbo and Hallvar Witzø, a Norwegian duo. Beautiful landscapes music to discover in the rest of the article.

Polite House Architecture

Located in the residential area of ​​Havstein in Trondheim, Norway, this house overlooks the fjord and the city. Thinking JVA, this house geometric shapes stands out for its uniqueness and modernity. Rendering minimalist impressive, supported by an interior look great to discover in the following images.

Norway Church

In 2009, the old church of Valer, a small town south-east of Norway, had disappeared in the flames. Cebra studio based in Copenhagen proposed a new architecture for the building to be constructed in the same place. A bias visually impressive to discover images in the future.

Polar Spirits

Here is the latest video of Ole Salomonsen dedicated to the aurora borealis. Intelligently mixing time lapse images and other at real speed, this creation “Polar Spirits” reveals stunning images taken in Norway. To discover in the future.

Voici la dernière vidéo d’Ole Salomonsen consacrée aux aurores boréales. Mixant intelligemment images en time lapse et d’autres à vitesse réelle, cette création “Polar Spirits” nous dévoile de superbes images prises en Norvège. A découvrir dans la suite.