The French artist Hierophant has created “Timeline”, a meticulous and well-thought-out work. Beyond its purely aesthetic aspect, he wanted once again to convey a message. This objective, he reached it after having provided a massive work. A friend of his, a programmer, helped him create an application that associates with each color an emoji of the same overall hue. “From there, I created emoji patterns that I manually posted on twitter,” he explains. After that, he took one screenshot a day to make the video, for which he produced the music. This work required hundreds of hours of work, spread over eight months.

“I am very interested in social networks and the internet, and the idea was to make a retrospective of Trump’s mandate, focusing more on his way of communicating than on his actions, which have already been analyzed many times. Here the image is only readable if you watch the video on a small screen, in large it’s just a mush of emoji, and on the basic twitter account it is almost impossible to decipher the images, in the same way during his mandate, Trump created via twitter daily micro-scandals that tended to mask his global action that is easier to decipher today with hindsight “, he explains.

More to discover on his website.