Born in Senegal, then living in Bamako before moving to Guadeloupe to finally settle in France, Tim Frager is an artist who grew up on a surfboard. It is then easy to understand where his inspiration comes from, between his different living places and the Afro-Caribbean culture to which he is strongly attached. Based in the Landes region, he has created the beauty of the facade of an old supermarket in Capbreton as part of the ephemeral art project lesenfantssauvages. It is the third intervention of the Motifs series. “It is a question of realizing in situ, in the form of spontaneous and repeated writing, motifs that refer to the Afro-Caribbean culture, within different spaces, and on different supports – whether they are exterior or interior, public or private, foreign or intimate. This series responds at once to the impulse to awaken my memories, to the fantasy of fully and deliberately appropriating a space, and to the desire to make these three identities coexist: African, Creole, and metropolitan,” he explains.

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