Artist Elyse Dodge creates original landscapes, with a recognizable style all her own. The lines are sometimes bold and assertive, sometimes soft, and the choice of colors is well thought out and bold. The viewer will be able to immerse himself in the beauty of various natural settings such as Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, or Hawkeye Island, among others. She explains that ” The polygonal shapes transform the peaks from being something recognizable as a mountain to a faceted, diamond-like form. These surreal scenes encourage the mind to reimagine what an alternate and more vivid world would look like». Her latest series was inspired by the age of technology and is more design-driven and collaborative in its process.

“I use Instagram to discover different photographic locations to paint. I then use my experience as a graphic designer to create digital mock-ups of the landscapes before I start to paint. This creative journey allows my paintings and digital designs to bridge different mediums and build up like layers”, she practices. Elyse Dodge hopes that these contemporary landscape paintings and digital illustrations will encourage the viewer to ” look at the mountains around them with a newfound appreciation and curiosity. To see all the shapes and colors that make up their world rather than just seeing a view for what it is”.

More to see about the artist on her website or her Instagram account.