Madrid-born London-based Andrés Lozano is an artist whose recent work looks have been exploring the link between art-making and improvisation through semi-biographical paintings that “materialize a world of apathetic and lonely characters surrounded by nature and interiors”, as he explains in his statement. Lozano’s colorful pieces make the viewer dive into different places and atmospheres, that sometimes have a strangely comfy and immersive vibe, giving the impression that we can share a little bit of someone else’s life or interior for a while. Despite being strongly rooted in design and composition, as most of the ideas for his works come from ad-lib drawings, his paintings “prioritize the process over the final result; working on big format canvases and selecting themes that allow him to play freely around with the content and composition without a clear image of the final result”, he explains.

More to see on his website or his Instagram account.