« I am the ‘Water Passer’, an artist who mixes his desire to see nature and biodiversity preserved with a positive and, I hope, aesthetic art. Even if the future of our planet may seem complicated, I want above all to challenge through beauty », explains the artist. And it is with this philosophy that Christophe Monteil creates. In his artistic project “Water is Life”, he paints mainly rust animals on steel plates, but also humans with water from all over the world. To do so, Monteil uses vinegar, water, and painting which mix freely and make the creative process haphazard and each of his pieces unique. “My work is alive, as it continues to evolve very slightly over time”, he adds. Here, we are on a more global art project, at the crossroads of several domains: art, environment, travel, human, animal defense.

The water he uses comes from all over the world. “I fetch them or citizens of the world, the ‘Water Passer’, send them to me. Icebergs from Greenland, sacred lakes from Rajasthan, salty foam from the Cyclades, the DNA of these places are physically found in my artistic creations”, Monteil explains. Recently, he founded a project called Art4Nature, in partnership with associations for the protection of animals and/or biodiversity (such as ASPAS, which buys land to transform it into a protected natural space).In it, we sell artworks, in the form of prints (on bamboo paper, not to participate in deforestation) and original digigraphies (original works on bamboo paper).

The benefits are shared equally between the associations and the artist. The idea is to allow everyone to buy a work of art, to enjoy themselves while participating in the protection of animals and the environment.

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