Based in Montpellier, South of France, Mathieu Lucas is a talented contemporary visual artist. With his latest series “Anthropo Scenes”, currently on display at the Nicolas Xavier Gallery, he celebrates five years of artistic creation. “Here, I changed my usual time scale. Everything accelerates. I reinterpret the exploratory phenomenon that is dear to me”, he explains. In his work, the environment and its problems have a predominant place. “When talking about the environment, I mainly talk about pollution, globalization, consumption, and the erosion of biodiversity. I need to attenuate the anxiogenic dimension of the background: the ultra-colored aesthetic contrasts with the darkness of the facts. I also like to bring a touch of humor, especially in the titles of the works“.

His pieces are composed of different materials, including recycled objects such as plastic he finds on the beach, old toys or even electronic components at garage sales. The characters in the suits are modeled and then 3D printed at 1/87 scale. Lucas also uses acrylic paint, resin, polyurethane… “it is also the research of texture and matter which interests me” adds he.

More to see on his website or his Facebook page.