Pop star Billie Eilish has landed in the publishing world with a monograph chronicling her childhood and artistic career.
The book, titled Billie Eilish (nice title) was released last week and collects shots of the highlights of the artist’s career as well as old childhood photographs, a time in history when the artist had not yet become the world’s most famous Gen Zer. And, yes, as hard as it is to imagine, there was a reality in which Eilish was merely a child and not the global idol of an entire generation.
She went from creating soft ballads like Ocean Eyes, through the maximalist grunge-pop era, and back to softer sounds with her new single Your Power. Along with the unreleased photos, the book also includes writings by Billie herself, so we can definitely expect one thing: total and complete honesty. After all, in her documentary visible on Apple TV+ we had the proof of how much the artist is willing to let her guard down and show herself for who she is.