Based in Montpellier, South of France, Quentin DMR is a plastic photographer. After multiple travels and the discovering of new people and cultures, especially one in New Zealand and one in India, the artist built himself and developed his creativity even more. “Once back in France, I felt ready to build my own artistic project”, he explains. In his art, Quentin realizes amazing photo collages. “Each project that I set up tells a different story. It is attached to a moment, a place, and its inhabitants. It is them that I photograph: students, shopkeepers, retired people, families. They are integrated from the beginning and participate in the shooting. We exchange a lot. This is what made me want to participate when I was very young, so now that I can share my art, I enjoy it!”, he told us.

Quentin’s passion for photography started when he was just a child. At this time, he was already in touch with this art thanks to his father and his atypical and amusing approach to this practice. “There was always a camera at home. So it was a familiar object even if it was limited to family or travel photos.”, he explains. The artist work on his photographs on paper in a large or small format, to glue them in the street. “The field of possibilities is super vast with almost no limit of size”.  Live art is one of his sources of inspiration as his parents used to do acting, so he and his brother grew up in this universe. « I was also subjugated by the Royal de Luxe company. I had the chance to see several of their creations in Le Havre and I keep many memories of them ». The architect Auguste Perret also inspired him in the creation and evolution of his work “The repetitive lines, the identical measurements, the grey concrete changing tone with the sun”, he says.

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