Along the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, the Canadian architectural firm NÓS has created a wonderful optical illusion of sand banks breaking into the street. Aptly named “Dunes in motion”, this anamorphic work is composed of beige lines that undulate along the promenade, creating a path of visual illusion imitating scenarios of deserts and beaches. Chrome spheres appear sporadically along the street to reflect the surrounding architecture and the undulating patterns of the ground.

The 2018 project coincided with the museum’s exhibition, “From Africa to the Americas”: Face to face with Picasso, past and present, which prompted NÓS to evoke the perspective approach of Cubist painters. “Moving Dunes” was chosen following an annual call for proposals to install a large-scale work of art on the avenue of the museum. Follow the latest drawings and optical illusions from NOS on Instagram.