Have you ever considered to kiss your mug as you were drinking your coffee or your tea? Well, if not, you might be tempted with Tatiana Cardona’s ceramic creations. Her vases, planters, and mugs have a beautiful mouth with shinny lips. In her art statement, the artist explains « The concept of lips was inspired by the feminist movement in the 60’s-70’s, where red lipstick stood as a symbol of protest. The work has since then evolved into a positive and fun way to promote feminity in the sacred and ancient medium of ceramics ». In her Hocus Pocus series, Cardona has given a slightly more monstrous aspect to her creations by sometimes adding sometimes sharp teeth, sometimes small horns. In the middle of the incense holders and vases, she also created awesome cauldrons.

More to see in the shop she runs (Female Alchemy) or on her Instagram account.