The creative Jeff Roy and Drake Paul , from John McNeil Studio , an agency located in Berkeley, California, integrate social distancing in famous paintings.

The pandemic that is causing a lot of concern around the world is also revealing new forms of creativity and new artistic momentum. In connection with the current context, artists from all over the world offer their vision of the current world, send important messages and sometimes get involved in united causes.

The series “ The Art of Quarantine ” by Jeff Roy and Drake Paul puts iconic works of art “in quarantine” in order to pass the strong message “Stay Home. Save Lives. ”
The rules of distancing are therefore applied within these famous paintings, by Magritte, Hopper, Van Gogh, Munch or even Wood. Thus, the characters find themselves confined or the paintings find themselves emptied of their protagonists.

There is no one left in Hopper’s restaurant in “Nighthawks”, Jesus and his disciples left the table of “The Last Supper”, the farmer and his wife are locked up in their house in “American Wood”.