Hollie Chastain is a «  paperphile» ». She works in Chattanooga, Tennessee as an illustrator. In her creations, mixed media collages, she manages to harmoniously combine different found materials: graphic elements, others more retro but also some others more moderns. Their configuration gives a special aspect of her own, namely nuances that are sometimes melancholic, enhanced by others that are more piquant but always gentle. Skillfully thought out, they tell stories, thoughts that the audience can interpret as they wish. Stimulation of the imagination, inspired by “folklore, music and the unknown“, as the artist, who has a “passion for folk art and self-taught artists », explains. In many of her works, she creates on old book covers, which adds a certain charm to her pieces. 

In 2017, Chastain published a book: If you can cut, you can collage. A way to share her love for her art, and to share it with others. In the summary, she says, “If You Can Cut, You Can Collage is specially designed for people who feel like they can’t make art. Want to know a secret? You can! You just need a little inspiration, instruction, and confidence ».

Her works and world of art can be seen on her Instagram account.