Based in Los Angeles, Rachael Pease has won several awards and has been exhibited internationally. In her works, the artist draws trees, which have a kind of mystical aspect. By using many details, Pease gives a particular aspect to her plant models and works meticulously on the texture of the branches and roots. Made in oval and round structures, her works offer a subtly lighter and more colorful side with the sky, which gives a beautiful and delicate contrast with the rest of the composition.

In her series Frontiers, she brings to the foreground sometimes the branches, sometimes the roots of the trees she depicts. Their tortuous aspect is in balance with the less occupied spaces. If they represent landscapes already seen by the artist, she gives us the opportunity to see them through her own eyes, with her interpretations. To do so, she uses Indian ink on frosted mylar. 

More information about her work, to discover on her website.