In her series “Baroque Concert”, Alexandra Semenova illustrates the origin of the opera “Montezuma”, by Antoine Vivaldi, as well as its staging. The works were made using charcoal, gouache, tempera and on paper, and present a mastered technique, and a work on light. The novel Concierto barroco (1974), by the Cuban writer and musicologist Alejo Carpentier, recounts the arrival of a Mexican nobleman during the Venice carnival. « At a cafe, he meets a cheerful company of great Baroque composers: Antonio Vivaldi, George Frederic Händel and Domenico Scarlatti. The Mexican gentleman tells his new friends the story of the last Aztec emperor, his betrayal by Cortes and the conquest of Mexico by the conquistadors. While the story is narrated, Vivaldi conceives his new opera, which is then performed at the St. Angelo theater in 1733 », she adds.