Boston-based artist and painter Bethany Noël Murray have found a way to make art, from her experience with migraines. Living this painful and uncomfortable problem for years, she made it  a source of inspiration for her pieces. In the series Migraines in Nature, Murray wants the viewer to experience a « vestigial imagery of the lights and color swirling around my painting and have it follow them after they have moved on, imitating the ocular aura I experience », said she. As she is highly sensitive to light, sound, and smell, she explains that « our brains are powerful, amazing computers that protect us by filtering out the overwhelming amount of data we receive just by opening our eyes. For me, that data isn’t always filtered out. This can be painful, but it’s also stunningly beautiful. I lean into that  experience and paint that vast amount of data to show that the natural, chaotic world has overwhelming beauty. My hope is that others can start to see this world too ».