At the main intersection of Grand Avenue and 11th street in Downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas, the newly refurbished gas station catches the eye with its flashy colors and geometric patterns. This new pop style is the result of the work of the French artist Camille Walala, based in London, who joined the project The Unexpected. Created by the international creative house Justkids, this cultural program imports contemporary and urban art in the heart of Arkansas through immersive experiences. Like so, Camille Walala has given new colors to the 1950’s service station, now renamed “Walala Pump & Go”, while giving it the tribal pop style that characterizes her work.

Images : “Walala Pump & Go”, de Camille Walala pour The Unexpected de Justkids.

Justkids presents Walala Pump & Go by Camille Walala from Justkids on Vimeo.