HP has teamed up with Fubiz to showcase its Z range for creative minds. The computers that compose it are endowed with a great power and high-end graphic qualities allowing a great freedom of expression to the creators users.

In order to discover the Z range by HP in the eye of those who will take them in hand, the digital artist Vincent Viriot imagined two animations revealing the flagship features of the ZBook X360 and the Z4 workstation. For the ZBook X360, he chose to highlight the 360 ° rotation of the screen, the quality and vividness of colors and the precision of the stylus. For the Z4 workstation, the creative wanted to interpret the power of this workstation.

Vincent Viriot took the interview to reveal his experience using these Z products by HP.

Fubiz: Can you introduce yourself and describe your creative world in a few words?

Vincent Viriot: I am a Digital Artist. I make 3D gifs, my universe is inspired by geometric shapes, architecture and a little vintage and offbeat spirit.

You have just imagined two creations featuring the following 2 HP products: the X360 and the Z4 Workstation. How was the take-over for the creation of these two animations?

Very good! I worked all the design part on the X360 and I took advantage of the Z4 for the calculations. It was rather natural, the machines were ready to use, I installed my software creations and it was gone!

In your opinion, what are the major assets of these two products for creatives?

The x360 turns into a large tablet and it’s very nice to draw and the Z4 is very powerful for calculations and exports in high definition!

How do Z products help you be more productive? more creative?

I admit that I particularly appreciated the fact of being able to quickly pass the X360 in tablet mode. I could easily draw the general composition. It was very intuitive so very good to be creative even in my couch!

Can you present us with three features of each product that you wanted to highlight in your creations?

For the x360 I focused on the precision of the stylus, the modularity and the transformation of the different positions of use of the product and finally the brightness and the performance of the screen. On the Z4 I rather put forward the power and the brute force of calculation, while integrating the idea of security and finally the accuracy of the calibration.

If you had to summarize your work in one sentence, what would it be?

I symbolized my vision of power and creativity in a playful and offbeat way.