Joe Cavazos is a visual artist and designer based out of South Texas in United States.

He studied Fine Art then graphic arts and design. « As a teenager, I loved to create and experiment new things thankful to different mediums. In high school, I remember that my art teacher brought out a copy of Photoshop ; I fell in love with creating digitally. » he said.

We focus today on a part of his artworks called The Pixel stretch. « The Pixel stretch started as part of a month of exploration. The thought behind it is capturing a movement even it is in the stillness. This evolved into circular variations that echo the action of subject. » he explains us.

As we can see below, subjects are focused by variations that represent the energy that subjects create. The represented energy « is a way to bring back the focus to the subject. »

« More than tell something, I want the community to be inspired to create. For years I lacked the confidence to develop and put work out. I enjoy the creative process even more so than the result. » he finally tells us.