Charles Crouzat is a 28 years old artist. He posts his minimalist and colorful creations on his Instagram account named “” which he has been updating for 3 years now. Minimalist creations that represent an emotion, a memory, a utopian and soothing world leaving the idea of ​​dream and voyage as he explains to us : “At first, my objective was to make illustrations and photos to practice myself on design softwares, find ideas, implement them and share them with my friends. Then I have been attracted by colors and gradients that, in addition to be attractive, directly appealed to some emotions, also present to my followers.”

“So I fixed my guideline on this principle and I continued my creations through this style : a colorful and soothing theme. It was also about keeping a kind of visual “diary” where emotions experienced would be translated into photos. My creations represent a moment, a relaxing moment, a journey, a memory, revolving around the theme of summer or escape, and decorated by end of the day tones, sunsets, revealing a soft and special atmosphere. It’s especially this idea of ​​tranquility that is desired. The feeling that we feel during the last seconds of a sunset, or the admiration of discovering a fleeting scene at the corner of a street or in a new city that was unknown until then. The subjects are captured in privacy, in order to represent a moment of fullness, a little daily happiness, a fleeting joy that remains in memory for a long time.”

After his studies in hotel management, that allowed him to travel, Charles joined a graphic design school in Italy and then chose communication and digital marketing. « Despite an interesting experience in this field (hotel management), the repetition of the days and the lack of creativity pushed me to reorient myself. (…) I achieved my degree this year. » he says. Lack of creativity ? Certainly because the artist discovered his interest in art when he was very young. « My parents and my sister practiced photography, I have always been immersed in this creative atmosphere where art books and drawings were very present at home. » he tells us.

Through his own experience, his travels and other discoveries or his encounters, Charles creates images where the colorful and soothing universe invites viewers to disconnect and forget the negative aspects of their day. « It’s about spotlighting the escape, to leave for a moment the course of the life of every day and give oneself the right to dream. The idea is also to transmit a positive message through the colors but also the texts and descriptions addressing love, motivation and self-confidence themes. » he says.

If you want to make a break and inspire a good dose of positivism, then discover without delay the awesome creations of Charles !