Born in Corrientes, Argentina, Juan Manuel Sanabriais a self-taught artist. Mostly dedicated to traditional painting, he is here, talking about a modern problem: the changes in the “digital new world”. Regarding that, he explains: “Everything has changed in this digital new world, every thought, every problem we have today is thrown into social networks as nothing, as if we were supposed to live online”. As an answer to this thought, he made the “Dis-connection” series that “gives us a satirical view of the distraction and dispersion that people suffer from technology in these modern times”.

He then continues : “Sometimes, it seems we have the world at our hands, that we are everywhere we want, seeing everything we want, just by scrolling our thumb up or down. But how at the same time, we are just standing in one place, wasting time … without loving; without living at all”.  In this series, are represented realistic subjects, partially fragmented by his “square style technique”, developed by the influence of classic cubist artists. Juan Manuel uses a classic Flemish technique, of base and successive glazes, to paint his “hyperrealistic characters and objects”, which he will then merge with modern techniques. He adds geometrics patterns made with stencils or using an aerograph to make blurred effects.