Louisa – @ectomorphe on Instagram – is a young freelance illustrator who stands out thanks to her delicate illustrations with a very singular style. Passionate about art, she also shares her passion in video through speed drawings or inspirations. The artist invites us into her limitless creative world:

How did you find your own style and how would you describe it?

I’m not sure yet to have found my style, which I would call definitive. I think it’s a long process of testing mediums, themes, graphic styles before finding something that looks like us. And beyond the sheet of paper, we also evolve as humans so very often the changes in our lives can be felt in our creations. I therefore leave this freedom to have a style that evolves over the years and it is for this reason that I can not describe it, apart from the fact that my inspirations are very influenced by nature and femininity.

What are the different stages of your creative process?

I often have an idea (whether it’s for a photo, an illustration or a video) that will pop up in my mind and I’ll write it down in my notebook or phone. I will come back from time to time to have the click that will make that I will embark on the project. And then I will create without giving myself a limit in time to have a result that suits me leaves to start all over again!

How do you find new inspirations everyday, how do you do to renew yourself?

I learned to be curious, to get out of my comfort zone. I am interested in many disciplines outside illustration for example. In addition, I am very interested in what other creators do, even if it has nothing to do with my style for example. I think it’s important to form a small library of references in your mind in order to feel constantly stimulated. I am also interested in Humans, people inspire me, I like to listen to everyone’s way of life, I also like to travel. All these little things put end to end allow me to be inspired on a daily basis.

Do you want to expand your artistic skills to other forms of art? 

At the moment I’m actually drawing, I’m doing a bit of photography but also some video. But it’s true that I would love to get into something more “manual” like making jewelry or ceramics. I would have to start! :)

What can we wish you for the rest of your artistic journey? 

To continue to do what I love and to be able to share and inspire others to get started!