Poetic and joyful, French artist Mügluck‘s drawings leave us a sensation of eternal holidays, under the sun. Her graphic signature is full of softness, and it’s easy to get lost while staring at her peaceful artworks. Now based in Montreal, the artist uses mainly gouache and invites us to discover Provence and the aesthetics of the 20th century through her eyes and favourites colours. We’ve asked her a few questions.

What path led you to become an illustrator? 

I think I’ve always wanted to do this job even though my parents will tell you I dreamed of being a lawyer when I was a little girl. It is true. My vocation as an illustrator came later, around 18 years old. After high school, I studied communication in «graphic systems and narration» at Beaux-Arts in Epinal and Metz. Since 2013, I settled in Canada, and I now work between Paris and Montreal for various media and magazines (ELLE, New Yorkers, New York Times, Relais & Châteaux, etc.) or brands such as Bastide en Provence and Additionnelle.

How would you define your art?

It’s a lot of conscious and unconscious things. In my work, I am inspired by fashion shows, renowned fashion houses or architecture in some cases. I see exciting patterns, shapes or colours, and I integrate them later in my visual world.

Which project made you proud recently?

Last March, I realized my first solo exhibition in Paris. It took place at the SLOW gallery; it was entitled «Hors Saison» and was dedicated entirely to the Côte d’Azur, the sun and Provence. Thirty drawings made with gouache. In blue, yellow, orange and green. A return to Provence. The place from my childhood and the one I’m dreaming about today.

Indeed, we discover in your works that you are amazed by the landscapes of Provence. Can you tell us about it?

I have always been inspired by painters from L’Atelier du Midi and by the colours of Provence. It is where I spent my holidays as a child and teenager with my family. It is probably where my fascination comes from for bright colours, sun and water you can find in my work.

What are your dreams? What are your future projects?

I do realize a lot of my dreams this year. I had my first solo exhibition in Paris, many collaborations with brands, an illustration workshop, two books and also my first illustration for the New Yorker. But my craziest dream would be to create a drawing for a Hermès silk scarf. I have always dreamed of working with prestigious companies such as YSL, Cartier, Longchamp, Dior, Gucci or Atelier Cologne. This fall, there will have the release of a first youth book and a lot of inspiring great projects!

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