We previously announced that Fubiz is partnering with Adobe Stock to highlight the visual trends of 2019. We have this time chosen the theme “Brand Stand” to highlight the urgency of protection. of the environment and Nature.

We have proposed on Facebook a selection of images on Adobe Stock, representing this theme and present your selection of five images that best illustrate the need to protect our environment, between photography and illustration.

A few weeks ago, we presented a collaborative work, on the theme of “The protection of nature”, imagined by the illustrator Andrea Minini with the photographs of Patrick Masse.
This selection of five images reinforces the strong point of this collaborative work by visually presenting what needs to be preserved and the efforts that remain to be made to achieve it.

Thanks to the readers who have selected these images that feed the visual mosaic visual trends of the year 2019 Adobe on our site.


Image by Jag_cz

Image by Ammit

Image by Lukas

Image by Tunatura

Image by Save Jungle