Ai-Da, an humanoid robot with artificial intelligence is currently exhibiting his creations at the Barn Gallery, affiliated with St John’s College of Oxford University. This is the first time in the history of art that a robot has its own exhibition. A project that changes the codes of creativity and invites us to think about the future of art.

Composed of paintings, sculptures and drawings created by Ai-Da, the exhibition “Unsecured Futures” also offers a live performance of the robot. Ai-Da (name inspired by Ada Lovelace, 19th century mathematician considered as the pioneer of programatic) can draw using an integrated camera and algorithms developed by Oxford scientists. The camera analyzes the objects in front of her and creates a virtual sketch that the robot arm will draw.

« Creativity : The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. » tells us the definition. But can creativity be organized, provoked? With robots, creativity emancipates from the artist and creates a new definition of the artwork. Art would no longer need human creation to exist?

What if the heart of the artwork was finally the emotion that it causes, whether it’s created by a human or artificial way ? “Unsecured Futures” invites us to a reflexion about art and humanity through unique artworks.

Exhibition available from June 12 to July 6.

Photos Credits : Nicky Johnston