Residing from a small northern town in England and now living in New York City, Ben Fearnley is a freelance designer and 3D artist specialising in CGI, illustration, typography and motion.

He works on a wide range of projects with a wide scope of mediums such as illustration, typography, animation, graphic design and digital art for various clients in the advertising, film, editorial, and publishing worlds. He has many years of experience working within the industry, creating commissioned work for global brands like Adidas, Apple, Facebook or Nissan.

Alongside his playful “sculptmojis”, Ben likes to divert common objects to communicate a clear message to his community. As we can see below, and also on his Instagram account, eggs become rugby balls, hot tub, a time machine, a pizza, a vinyl on a platine, or nuggets, donuts and wine, a « cure » in case of emergency. Sarcastic !